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Welcome to the health and well-being part of our school website. Here you will find lots of information about all the activities going on within school.

Healthy week 2013

We have had another successful healthy week this year, with lots of different activities going on in school.  This year we decided not to have any outside agencies help us instead we did a little bit of cross curricular planning and in year 3 and 4 they linked all their healthy eating with their science topic.

They learnt all about the eat well plate and about what should be on it.  They also learnt all about the nutritional value of different foods.


Luke in year 3 designed a really nice eat well plate, which you can see below.  He said that he had chosen lots of different fruit and vegetables to make sure that he had his 5 a day.


George in year 3 said that it was really interesting to find out what was in different foods.


Some children in year 4 couldn't believe the amount of fat in some of their favourite foods.


In year 3 they used the computer to design their own healthy pizza.


In year 5 and 6 they even took their healthy week outside of school and for homework they had to write a food diary.


Leah said that it was interesting to see what she ate at home.


Healthy week has again been a success. We have found that:

  • More children are bringing fruit at playtime.
  • Children are a lot more active and joining in with a lot more after school clubs.
  • Children are bringing healthier packed lunches. 

Next year we hope to include another outside agency to widen our knowledge.


Last year we had a company called 'Heartbeat' come into school, they told us all about how to keep our heart healthy and how to lead a healthy life.  They gave us loads of information and we really enjoyed having them in school. 


Lots of the children commented on how much they had learnt from the experience.


One child commented on how disgusting the arteries looked when they were all clogged up.


Another child stated that they would make sure they ate healthily from now on so that they can keep their heart healthy. 



Healthy week

We had a healthy week in school where we focused on how to keep ourselves healthy.  We looked at how to keep our bodies healthy through what we eat and the exercise that we do.   Everyone joined in and we had a great time.  The year 3 and 4 children set up a stall in the hall selling fruit salads and heatlhy bookmarks to encourage us to eat well.  


As you can see from the pictures below Emily had a great time preparing her own fruit cup and she commented on how much fun it was to design her own healthy meal.


Tia said that it was great to be able to use loads of different fruit that she wouldn't normally get to try.

Max said he really enjoyed getting all different types of fruit together to make a tasty treat.


The infants designed their own plates to show what a healthy plate should look like and the upper juniors created their own couch potatoes.    It was a great success and we are hoping to run another heathly week again.