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Local SEND Offer and AGT


If you need any help or support regarding SEND please email Mrs Hewerdine using or contact her at school. Wednesday is the best day at present to contact her by phone. Please note her working days are Mon - Wed. 

Special Education Needs and Disabilities


At Padiham Primary School we welcome children with various special educational needs and disabilities. We aim to include all pupils in all aspects of school life. 


Any parent having a concern about their child and SEN, should in the first instance talk to the class teacher. They may also wish to speak the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator, Mrs Hewerdine. There is also an SEN governor, Mrs Pate. 


Our Local Offer for SEN, Lancashire's Local Offer and our SEN Information Report can be viewed on this webpage.


We are committed to supporting children with SEND and their families in the community. The latest FIND (Family Information Network Directory) newsletter can also be accessed on this page.

The latest specialist teacher service 'toolkits' for learning at home are below:

During school closure in the Summer Term of 2020 our specialist teacher provided the following resources to parents on a variety of topics.

Some social stories:

Usual information documents



Check out the Local Offer Facebook site for ideas for learning at home, latest on SEND provision and support available in the area. 

Able, Gifted and Talented Education


Some children excel in particular areas, learn faster than others or have high potential but are underachieving. These children are referred to as ‘able, gifted and talented'.


If we think your child is able, gifted or talented we will look at evidence including test results, quality of work, teacher assessment and out of school activities.


We maintain a register of our able, gifted and talented children. It is usual for children to move on and off the school's register over time as they develop at different rates to their peers.


We encourage all children to reach their highest potential. We provide greater challenge and breadth in lessons and opportunities for able, gifted and talented pupils to demonstrate and develop their abilities.