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Reading Race

Summer Reading Challenge Celebratory Event, October 2015

On Tuesday, 20th October, the Reading Celebratory Event was held at Burnley Football Club, to reward those children who took part in the Summer Reading Challenge. The event is organised by the Lancashire Library Service.

Emily and Ginny were chosen to attend the event because of the huge efforts they made over the summer months to complete the reading challenges. They had great fun and were awarded with their prizes and certificates by author, Steve Hartley.




Reading Race 2015

Our aim is to ensure that children read as often as possible and that they have a positive attitude to reading, seeing reading as being a pleasurable activity.


Children who read a certain number of books receive a certificate. When children move a reading level, they receive a small prize and a certificate.


Those children in KS1 who read 100 books receive a book prize and if they read 150 books throughout the year, they receive a £5 book voucher.


In KS2, children who read 60 books receive a book prize and if they read 100 books, they then receive a book token.

Fantastic Book Awards 2015-2016


The Fantastic Book Awards are back!

The FBA reading group will meet every Thursday after school to read, discuss and enjoy some of the most exciting and recently published  children's books.


The Fantastic Book Awards (F.B.A) are organised by Lancashire School Library Service.

Its aim is to support reading for pleasure and enjoyment for children aged 9 to 11 by introducing them to recently published children's fiction.


The participating schools are organised into five groups. Each group is then given a list of six books to read, review and vote on.

The title that emerges with the highest voting score in each group wins an FBA.