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Reception Winter Craft Club



Welcome to the Reception craft club page. On here you will get a weekly update of all the fun and fabulous things we are up to. We are very lucky this term as we have some wonderful helpers, Mrs Howell and Miss Weall. I apologise now if your child comes home looking like a sticky, glittery monster...we've just been having too much fun!smiley


Miss Tann 


Week 1 - Winter Wreaths

This week we have been making winter wreaths. The children carefully coloured in their paper plate making sure they didn't leave any white bits. They then decorated their wreath with glitter, snowflakes and pom poms! What's not to love about that. The children then carefully put a piece of ribbon through the top of their paper plate and our fabulous helpers tied it for them. To finish off our fun-tastic first week, we coloured in an autumn picture. 


Week 2 - Candle Jars

This week we have been making candle jars for our grown ups. With the help of Mrs Howell, the children had to paint their jar and then (my favourite part) sprinkle lots of glitter inside. The biggest challenge was trying to thread the ribbon through our bauble. With lots of determination, the children managed it independently. We tied around our bauble, pine cone and holly. Lastly we popped our candle inside. We hope you like your lovely presentsmiley



Week 3 - Reindeer Hats

This week we have been busy making reindeer hats. The children had to draw around their hands and carefully cut them out. They then had to stick them on to their hat and stick on some eyes. To finish off our amazing hats, the children had to stick on their ruby red nose. As well as this the children have also been making a special present for the grown ups. Your special present will be ready next week...eeek!smiley


Week 4 - Tree decorations and biscuits

What a shame this is our last week of craft club! The children have been little stars. This week we have finished off our special presents for our grown ups. The tree decorations are beautiful and of course we had to sprinkle glitter on them, whats Christmas without glitter! As a yummy treat the children also got to decorate a biscuit. We apologise if your child came home as a sticky, glittery mess. We hope you have a lovely Christmas and fingers crossed there might be another craft club in the new year...smiley