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Wellness Club

Welcome to our Wellness Club page. We will be completing a number of activities over the next coming weeks. 

Miss Cross and Miss Johnson will be running the club together and hope the the children enjoy the sessions. 

Check back to see what we are doing each week. 


Week 1 

This week we will be making the things that we love soar into the air. Check back to see some pictures. 

We had a lovely first session. Look at us making the things that we love soar. The children all said that they enjoyed the session and we all enjoyed talking about the things that we enjoy doing. We are looking forward to the next session. 

Week 2 



This week Year 2 and Year 6 completed some yoga. We really enjoyed trying out some new poses, we found the crow pose really difficult. 

See if you guess what the poses were called that we completed. 

Week 3


This week we completed some breathing exercises. When we feel anxious or stressed our breathing gets faster and the heart rater increases. Deep breathing helps get more oxygen into your bloodstream, opening up your capillaries. It has a physical effect on your body to help you calm down and lower stress.

We used simple shapes to teach the children some easy but effective breathing techniques. Want to give them a go yourself or with your child? See some shapes below.