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Years 1 and 2 Craft Club

On Week 4 we made winter trees as the weather has turned very cold and frosty! We used strips of tissue paper in wintery colours such as blue and lilac to make a winter background. We then painted a bare tree and added snow and glitter for a bit of sparkle! 
Week 3 we made Autumn hedgehogs! We coloured our paper hedgehogs and cut them out (which was really tricky!) and stuck on folded paper in autumn colours to make the spikes! They were so cute smiley
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Week 2 was bonfire night! We made firework pictures by drawing the Houses of Parliament and stuck on tissue paper in the sky to make the fire. We used coloured matchsticks to represent the fireworks! You did a super job, they looked great! 
We had a super first craft club on Tuesday! We made Halloween paper chains with pumpkins, black cats and Frankensteins! We also made spooky ghost pictures!