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Magic, Mystery and Monsters Book Week October 2017

We had a fantastic week celebrating books in our spectacularly spooky Book Week. Children in each class took part in a range of exciting, cross-curricular activities based around the theme of Magic, Mystery and Monsters. On Thursday, the week concluded with a celebratory dressing-up day where children were invited to dress up in costumes related to the theme. Everyone really enjoyed the day and looked fantastic in their costumes. Two winners from each class were chosen to receive prizes for the most original costumes and each received a book and a goody bag packed with treats.

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Reading Race

Congratulations to all those children who have read more than 60 books this year. Here they are with their rewards for their enthusiastic reading.

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World Book Day Celebrations

Well done to everyone for their fantastic costumes to celebrate World Book. A special congratulations to those children who were chosen as winners and each received a poetry book and goody bag as a prize.

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Visit by Ian Bland


We had a fantastic day on Tuesday with poet Ian Bland. He  started the day with an exciting and fun-filled assembly where he performed some of his poems to a delighted audience of children and teachers. Mr Purtill and Mr Dunderdale gave outstanding performances as angry teachers, and Miss White played her part brilliantly as the girl who stole Ian Bland's ten-year-old heart!

Throughout the day, Ian delivered inspiring poetry workshops, ranging from Kennings to poems with alliteration. The day finished with a performance by some of the children from each class showcasing the wonderful work produced during the day. At the end of the day, Ian sold copies of his books to many very excited children who were busy reciting some of his poems as they queued up to meet him. Ian had a wonderful day and is looking forward to visiting us again.

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Book Week runs from Monday, 27th February to Friday, 3rd March. Our theme for Book Week this year is Silly Stuff,  a celebration of poetry, nonsense verse and imagination.  Children will have already been inspired by a visit from Ian Bland and library sessions on Poetry and Rhyming, covering classic poetry and new poetry.

During Book Week, each class will have the opportunity to read, write and perform poetry and take part in a range of exciting and creative cross-curricular activities to enhance their learning and to promote reading for pleasure.

On Thursday 2nd March, World Book Day, children are invited to come to school in costumes that fit the theme: inside out, back to front, mix and match - a world of pure imagination.Prizes will be awarded for the most original and creative ideas.


        Poet Ian Bland Visit

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On Tuesday 23rd February, poet Ian Bland will be spending the day in school.

He will start the day with an exciting and inspiring performance, which will be packed with rhyme, rhythm, fun and interaction with children and teachers.

After the assembly, Ian will run workshops with every class in school, giving the children an opportunity to plan, write, edit and perform their own unique piece of poetry.

At the end of the day, he will lead a final celebration assembly where a small group of children from each workshop will perform their work for the rest of the school.

Everyone is welcome to attend this event which will showcase the wonderful work children have done during the day.








The books above will be available from Ian at the end of the poetry day and are all priced at £5.99.

Get Caught Reading 2017


Well done to everyone for your fantastic reading this week. The Get Caught Reading boxes were overflowing with names! Two lucky children were chosen from each class and now have a lovely book to enjoy reading.

Many thanks to the Get Caught Reading team who worked incredibly hard this week to organise the event.

The Book Bus paid its annual visit to school. Children from each key stage got to spend an hour on the bus and choose some exciting new books to add to our library.
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Children's Book Week, October 2016

Magic, Monsters and Mystery

Children in each class had a fun-filled week packed with reading, writing and craft activities based around the theme of Magic, Monsters and Mystery.


Well done to everyone for their fantastic costumes on Thursday and a special congratulations to the winners in each class, who each received a book and a goody bag.

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Read for My School 2016


Well done to all the children in KS2 who have taken part in the Read for My School competition, which ran from January to April this year.

Read for My School is a completely free national schools reading competition that promotes reading for pleasure by challenging pupils to read as many books as possible in three months.


Two children from each class were chosen as winners for showing great enthusiasm for reading:

3W  Tyler Rhodes and Alycia Ballinger

3/4R  Mickey Wilkinson and Emily Watmough

4G  Theo Wilkinson and Keira Sedgewick

5C  Bailey Gorton and Tanisha Newton

5/6B  Ahmed Raza and Daisy Zhou

6K  Libby Crabtree and Leon Bond






World Book Day, March 3rd, 2016

Well done to everyone today. You all looked fantastic in your wonderful costumes. Congratulations to those children who were lucky enough to be chosen as winners in the fancy dress competition.


RW Cassie Smith and Isaac Lewis

RP Shelby Pennington and Alexander Ryder

1L Freddie Devlin and Courtney Bordycott

1/2B Harvey Oxborough and Charlize Ramshead

2V Jacob Brennan and Jessica Stannard

3W Sara Zahraoui and Liam Marsden

3/4R Jessie Howell and Harry Faragher

4G Kyle Duckworth and Faith Yeoman

5C Frankie Brown and Junior Pennington

5/6B Joshua Taylor and Leah Middleton

6K Libby Crabtree and Jake Pennington



World Book Day, 3rd March, 2016


Book Week will run from Monday, 29th February to Friday, 4th March. Our theme this year is Goodies and Baddies.

Children will take part in a variety of cross-curricular activities to promote reading for pleasure.

Thursday, 3rd March is World Book Day, and children are invited to come to school on that day dressed as a hero or villain or other character from a story. Have a look at our weekly newsletter to get some ideas for costumes. 

Prizes will be awarded for the most original costumes in each class.


Get Caught Reading, February 2016

Congratulations to all the children who were lucky enough to be picked out as winners in the Get Caught Reading raffle. Enjoy your books and keep on reading!


Well done to the Get Caught Reading team, who did a wonderful job organising the event in school and promoting the power of reading.

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Comic Art Masterclass with Kev F Sutherland


The children in 3/4R and 5/6B had a fantastic time this week taking part in Kev's Comic Art Masterclasses. There was great excitement and delight throughout the day and because the event was such a great success, Kev will be returning after Christmas to work with more classes in KS2.


He himself was delighted by all the wonderful artwork and writing that the children had produced prior to his visit.


In his blog, Kev F - World Famous In Padiham, he said,

"Possibly the most flattering display I've ever seen greeted me as I entered the classrooms of Padiham Primary School this week.

 I shall have to prepare now to lower my expectations for the next schools I visit, and not be too surprised that nobody's ever heard of me or seen any comics I've ever done. But I'll always remember that day when I was Kev F - World Famous In Padiham."


National Reading Culture Award Prize

Comic Art Masterclass with Kev F Sutherland


As part of our prize for winning the National Whole-School Reading Culture Award this year,  we have the honour of a visit from Kev F Sutherland, the writer and artist for The Beano, Marvel and many other comics. He will be spending the day in school on Tuesday next week. Kev will be working with 3/4R and 5/6B to teach the children all there is to know about making comic strips. By the end of each session, the children will have produced a comic containing a strip by every single one of them, a copy of which they will take home. Kev will also draw a caricature of every child in both classes.







Summer Reading Challenge Celebratory Event


The Summer Reading Challenge Celebratory Event was held at Burnley Football Club, to reward children who took part in the Summer Reading Challenge. Emily and Ginny had great fun at the event and were awarded with their prizes and certificates by author, Steve Hartley.