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My name is Mrs Breaks and I am the very proud teacher of Class 2V. We are lucky enough to have Mrs Blackman helping us every day as our teaching assistant. We will enjoy improving our skills and having fun learning lots of new things together this year. We are pleased to have Miss Fort also working with us on Tuesdays.

Yearly Topic Overview 2017-18

Above is our yearly overview of the topics we will cover in 2017-18. It does say Year 2 but this is because we do a 2 year cycle and so all year 1/2 classes are doing the same topics. We therefore make it more year 1 or 2 'friendly' depending on the class.

Our curriculum plan for the Spring term....

Click below to see what we will be learning this half term.....Autumn 2

We are in Year Two !

Class 2V all ready to Learn

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Our Shooting Stars


Look who has made our class proud. Will you be our next shooting star?

We're Off To the Cinema

Don't forget your little bag of sweets for our exciting trip to the cinema on Monday 13th November. Watch the main characters carefully as we will be thinking and writing about them in class.

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Magic and Mystery

We have been enjoying a range of spooky poems during magic and mystery book week. We had great fun dressing up on the final day. We even wrote our own gruesome rhyming spells after reading Shakespeare's 'Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble....'

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A Walk Down to Gawthorpe Hall

On the day when the sky turned pink, we had a lovely walk down to our local Stately Home to complete our topic about 'The Place Where We Live.' We explored the grounds looking at the signs of Autumn, then we carefully drew pictures of the house. We even had a little time left to enjoy the maze.



We Love Our New Outdoor Area


We had exciting musical visitors in Year Two. Three ladies  from 'Upbeat'came and performed for us. They played the trumpet, the flute and the violin. We recognised tunes from The Jungle Book, Frozen ,Star Wars and Mama Mia.

Later, we were split into three groups and got to play these amazing instruments. The ladies told us about music clubs and a choir for our age group at Shuttleworth College. Isaac from our class already goes and enjoys it very much.


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Roald Dahl Day Fun


We enjoyed dressing up on Roald Dahl Day. We shared our  favourite Roald Dahl stories and Characters. We had Matilda, Mrs Trunchbull, Charlie Bucket and other characters  right in our classroom. Other children and staff dressed in yellow, which was Roald Dahl's favourite colour. We especially enjoyed  activities  based on 

The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me, which we have been reading together in class.

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Class Information


smiley PE- This lesson will take place every Monday. Please ensure that your child has a white t-shirt, black shorts and some pumps which fit. Also, could children with earrings have them removed for Monday as a safety precaution.

PE kits usually remain in school and are sent home every half term for a wash.


smiley Reading Books- Children should bring their book home every day and bring it back to school every day for in class reading activities. In Year Two, to develop independence, children are responsible for changing their books once they have finished them. As you will appreciate, Year Two is an important year. Reading to an adult a little each night will be of enormous benefit to the children in terms of confidence, fluency and understanding.

 smileyHomework- During Year Two, children will  begin by concentrating upon their Spellings, Reading books and Maths. Spelling activity sheets will be sent home on Friday and children are able to keep them at home until the following Friday, giving them maximum time to keep practising for the next Friday's Spelling Test. Children will receive  'My Maths' homework on the website fortnightly.


cool Lost Property-Please put names in all your children's clothing, especially cardigans, jumpers and coats as these are removed often throughout the day. PE items are often identical, so labelling each item is vital. 

smileyWe can quickly return mislaid items to children if they are clearly labelled. First name and class in biro is enough to match lost property to the owner.

Below are just a few of the exciting activities Class 2V got involved with last year. Take a look to see the sort of things that Year Two get up to.

During this Term, we have enjoyed a 'ROBOT' topic. We have been reading and writing robot stories. We have  designed and made our own robots, large and micro-sized. In Science, we have been learning about the differences between human beings and robots.

Robot Rumpus

Our classroom was a hive of activity as we spent an afternoon planning and building our own robot models. We are very proud of our robot army.

We were interested to look at mini sculptures designed by several different artists. We enjoyed building our micro-sized mini beast robots, using only elastic bands to fix them together.

Picture 1 Our inspiration.

Surprise Visitors in School!

It was a normal wet Monday morning. . .

Until we found out that a real 'rock band' were coming to give our school a concert. We lined up quickly and were excited to see electric guitars, a drum kit and keyboard set up in the hall.

The band were called The Lazy Mondays and our class all agreed that they were fantastic.


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What fun we had at Christmas!

Celebrating Roald Dahl's 100th Birthday !

Celebrating Roald Dahl's 100th Birthday ! 1
Looking For the First Signs of Autumn