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After-school Clubs

Here at Padiham, we are committed to using less paper. This year, rather than sending out letters to sign up for after-school clubs, we are using an online system. This will be more efficient for parents/guardians as well as staff at school. 


Please read the following information before clicking the link below:

  • some boxes are needed to be filled before submitting the form, these are indicated by a *
  • if a club no longer has places, it will not be an option on the form
  • your child will be signed up to all clubs that are selected as 'yes' on the form
  • ensure you do not sign your child up to two clubs on the same day
  • if you have completed the form, your child will successfully be signed up
  • you will receive an email confirmation of the clubs you have selected

Clubs begin Monday 28th October 2019 and will finish at 4:15pm each day