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Computing at Padiham Primary School


ICT (Information and communication technology is vastly becoming an integral part of our lives. Here at Padiham Primary school we recognise the importance of computing and ensure it is embedded right across our broad and balanced curriculum. 


We provide an ICT - rich environment which means children have the essential skills to become enabling learners in our rapidly changing world. 



Take a look at our whole school curriculum map!

We follow the National Curriculum computing programme of study to ensure pupils are quipped with computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. 


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We celebrated online safety day!


As part of our celebrations, our Key Stage 1 department took part in a competition to design us an online safety school mascot. 

Our Key Stage 2 children have been very busy creating our very own online safety rules. Take a look at some of our wonderful ideas on how to stay safe. 

Keeping safe online is always at the forefront of every computing lesson. It is crucial children are aware of the online risks from an early age. We have a whole school approach to online safety and take part in Online safety day each year. At Padiham Primary school we foster an open environment in which pupils are encouraged to ask questions and participate in conversations about their online experiences. 


Please see our online safety policy below. 

Google have create an online game where children can explore and roam around 4 different islands, taking part in quizzes, challenges and activities about online safety. As children explore the islands they will collect points and become an Internet Legend.

Computing skills progression Reception to Year 6

We love ICT!