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Arts Award

🎨 Art Award 🖼 Towards the end of the last academic year (2022), there was an Art Award which was held each week during lunch time. The children who wanted to take part researched about the artist Banksy. This week, their very professional certificates arrived at school. Well done to everyone who took part!

Arts Award 2021


This year, Arts Award has has taken place every Wednesday. We have all had a fantastic time. At first, we explored lots of different artists and discussed what we liked about their work.

After looking at the artists the children decided they would like to explore the work of Slinkachu.




Slinkachu is an artist from Devon in the Uk. He has been "abandoning" his

miniature people in cities around the world since 2006.



Slinkachu's Amazing Artwork. (All the images are Copyrighted to Slinkachu.)

Our Work


In response to looking at Slinkachu's work we created and displayed our own installations around school. The children also helped to update the website and presented their work to the other children throughout school.

The children's thoughts:


"I enjoyed looking at Slinkachu because I found his pictures interesting." 


"I enjoyed Arts Award because it was really fun."


"I thought Arts Award was very interesting and enjoyed spending time with my two favourite teachers, Mrs Spencer and Miss Rushton"


"Arts Award was exciting. I enjoyed going outside and using the little people to create my own installations. Using the computers to research different artist was very interesting too."

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