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We are currently trialling Spanish at PPS!


It is a new opportunity to learn a different language and so far we are really enjoying it! 


Once we have completed our trial this page will be updated. 


Lesson structure is the same as written for French below...


Because we are learning Spanish from having no prior experience, this year all KS2 children will follow the same topics, which will teach them the basic Spanish knowledge they will need before moving on to different topics next year. 


The plan for this year is linked below. 


We will then ensure children know all these topics before creating a bespoke plan of topics for each year group for 2022/23. 

Modern Foreign Languages


At Padiham Primary School we learn French as our Modern Foreign Language. 


For a couple of years we have followed a brilliant scheme called Salut! which is an online programme; giving children the opportunity to hear real French speakers, sing songs, complete worksheets, play games and this also helps the teachers to ensure their plans meet all the needs of the children in each year group. 


There are two schemes - one for Years 3 and 4 and one for Years 5 and 6. We work on a 2-year cycle as we have mixed classes, so one year we cover Cycle A and the next year Cycle B. This means the children cover all topics in the 2 years. 


The topics are shown below...


We enjoy taking part in European Languages Day each year and often come to school wearing red or blue socks, complete quizzes, have colouring competitions and have a day of learning about an area of French.

Last year each class were given a landmark in France to research and learn about and then feedback what they know. This was then displayed in the corridor so other children could learn about them too! 


We have also previously had 'French Club' after school which the junior children enjoyed - they got to learn some more of the language, sing and play games and even try some French foods!