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At Padiham Primary, our school councillors have been elected by their fellow pupils to represent their opinions and think about new ideas to ensure the school stays a happy, safe and exciting environment for everyone.


Each class from Year 2-6 has elected a councillor who will meet with myself regularly to discuss ways in which we can improve our school. The meetings allow the children to suggest ideas, communicate with their peers and have a voice in school matters.


   It is the councillor’s jobs to:

  • Attend meetings regularly
  • Listen to all school council members and their opinions
  • Talk to their classes and pass their views on to the school council
  • Feedback from school council meetings to their peers
  • Make suggestions for change and share ideas with the school council
  • Make things happen – or explain why they can’t!


This year we are going to try to come up with ideas for all areas of the school – in classrooms, inside general school areas, in our school grounds and even in the community.


We have a School Council display board in the corridor with a ‘suggestions’ area so that children can write any ideas they may have and our councillors will collect them ready to be discussed at our next meeting. 


Miss Pearson

School Council Leader



Our Councillors this year are Alexa, Kayden, Zack, Jace, Ollie, Lottie, Charlie and Isabella!

I'm sure they are going to do a brilliant job


This month, we were chosen by our class mates to be councillors! Our first job was to meet, have a chat about what we are going to be doing, introduce ourselves and discuss our School Council board, then feed back to their peers about it, explaining how to use the 'suggestions' sheets. 

We then made a full year calendar so we can start to discuss ideas for the year ahead. 



For Halloween, we listened to some suggestions from the children about having a disco! So we discussed it with Mr Dunderdale and he agreed that we could have a disco on dressing up day! Councillors made Halloween coloured paper chains to add to our decorations in the hall. The children loved the disco as you can see below!





We decided to do a fun day where we paid to complete activities - we could choose as many as we wanted and paid to join in with each one. We had a penalty shootout, basketball hoop throwing, colouring competitions, quizzes, class competitions for the longest silence and the most 'bear-pees' to name just a few! We raised lots of money for a brilliant cause - thank you everyone! 



The councillors wanted to do something for the community so decided to make Christmas cards for the Woodside home near school. The Year 1 children all made the front cover of a card and the Year 6 children wrote messages inside them. Alexa, Isabella and myself delivered them and the residents loved the cards!




We made posters for the Hub at Padiham who asked us to create some wellbeing and happy posters to stick up in their building. They were really pleased with the end result and have displayed them in the windows! 


We have asked for donations of old board games for school to give us more resources for Golden Time, attendance rewards and wet lunchtimes. So far we have received a bag full of games so thank you if you donated. Please feel free to send throughout the year if you have any at a later date. 






We are planning Comic Relief... watch this space!












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