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Welcome to our 2023 -24

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 Everyone helps to look after our world.

Can you help?smiley

0ur ways to help are:-


Save water.smiley

Collect litter.crying

Help the environment.surprise

Only drive to school when necessary.sad

Only use what we need.frown

Look after our woodssmiley

Eco week January 2024

Class 1/2B have been out and about in the school grounds collecting litter. Everyone is doing a super job at using the outdoor bins. Keep up the great work!!

Our bird boxes are finished and up around school. Let's hope the birds like them .

January 2023: Eco Week

What we achieved in previous years:

The Eco Warriors have begun the new year with a litter pick in the school grounds. They didn't find very much so thank you to everyone for continuing to use the bins provided.

September 2021 : We have begun to collect empty ink cartridges that can then be sent off to be recycled, rather than going into landfill. Please send yours into school.... another little step to help save the planet.

Nov 2021: Two more BIG boxes of empty crisp packets have been sent off for recycling this week. Keep sending them in everyone.

November 2020: We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the top Eco-School award for the second time. Keep working on saving the planet everyone, we each can make a huge difference.

Our focus for our annual Eco Week was plastic ocean pollution. We have all learnt that we need to reduce the amount of plastic we throw away. Well done to Kihanna, Ebony and Charlie who won our challenge to reuse a plastic item.

Our Eco Warriors have been litter picking this week. We are pleased to report that we didn't find very much to collect this time.



Please bring your unwanted old glasses to school to be recycled. They will be sent to Vision Aid Overseas, who recycle the components and use the money raised to help people improve their vision.

Thank you.smiley

The children at Padiham Primary School are leading the way in caring for our planet. We have received the highest Eco Schools Green Flag Award for our enthusiasm and hard work in sustainability. As well as an eco-friendly building, we have a wonderful allotment area, bug hotels, composting and have positive attitudes to healthy lifestyles. The children carry out regular litter picks to help to keep our school and local woods clean. We also hold an annual Eco Week where the curriculum is centred around environmental issues such as recycling and plastic pollution. The Eco Schools assessor was delighted with the depth of knowledge the children showed.

It is great to see our new scooter pod and bike storage being well used. A healthy and eco- friendly way to travel !

January 2019- Our focus for Eco Week this year is Marine Issues.

During Eco Week every class took part in cross curricular work, learning about the effects of plastic in our oceans. They learnt shocking facts about plastic pollution, how to reduce our waste and how we can make a difference to the planet. Children made new items from 'rubbish', and shared what they had learnt in a special assembly. Thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm during the week. Keep trying hard to save the planet.......

1/2B have been out and about finding litter in the school grounds. We hope you think we did a good job. Thank you to everyone for using the bins provided.

We will be holding a BOOK BRING AND BUY SALE on Friday 27th April. Books will be 50p, and all money raised will be added to our Scooter Pod fund. Have a spring clean at home and please bring in any spare books you have so other children can enjoy them too.


UPDATE: Our book sale was a great success. Thank you to everyone who donated their super books. We raised the amazing amount of £136.85

which will go towards our scooter pod.

We have planted wild flower seeds to attract the bees and butterflies in summer.

. Get some fresh air, improve your fitness and help the planet by walking as much as possible. If you travel by car perhaps you could park a little further away than usual.

A massive thank you to all the children and staff in Class 4G. They have worked very hard to collect all the litter in our woods and make it beautiful again for our community to enjoy. Remember to dispose of your litter in the correct ways .

Well done and thank you to our Eco Green team, who spend their Tuesday dinner times litter picking and saving electricity around school. Keep up the great work.smiley

We have made bird feeders and put them in the playground to attract birds to visit.

We are aiming to improve our fitness and well being by taking part in the Daily Mile. We are getting out and active between lessons:)

We have been keeping an eye on the bug hotel to see if any creatures have come to stay. So far we have found spiders webs.

We have taken part in the RSPB Big Birdwatch. We saw lots of seagulls and large black birds which we think were rooks.

Thank you to the children who collected up all our unwanted plastic bottles to be taken to the household recycling centre.

Remember to put your used batteries in your collection box and bring them into school, where they will be disposed of safely.

Who would live in a house like this?

Our new Bug Hotel is finished. Take a peep inside and see which creatures move in. We are aiming to increase the biodiversity in our school grounds.

Our playground pals will help you - just ask us!

Our Fun Run was a great success, raising £216 towards our scooter storage pod. We are hoping it will encourage more children to get active on their way to school.

Our first week back in January is always our annual Eco week in school, where all classes focus their lessons on environmental issues. This year our focus was Global Issues. The children shared what they had learnt in our whole school celebration assembly.

The Eco Team have begun to make a new bug hotel by the stone circle. We hope it will encourage mini beasts to live in our school grounds.

We have some new additions to our school. Eleven silly scarecrows! Each class has made one and they will help to keep the birds away from our vegetable crops.

This year's vegetable crop is beginning to grow nicely thanks to the recent sun and rain.

Doing our bit.......

We have taken part in 'Clean for the Queen' to help celebrate her 90th birthday. We removed lots of litter from the woods. Now you can see the bluebells and other spring flowers much better.

Look out for signs of Spring around school......

January's Walk to School Week

Well done to RW and 1L who kept fit and healthy during our Walk to School Week. Both classes had over 80% of their children walking to school each day, which was the highest percentage in school. Keep up the good work.... it is helping both you and the environment!

Thank you to everyone who wrote super information text during Eco-week this term. The theme was 'What does Padiham Primary School do to help the environment'. Here are our competition winners.

We have been out and about planting bulbs which will flower in Spring. Watch them grow.....

The School Councillors have been litter picking around school. We are pleased to report that there wasn't much litter this half term. Well done everyone for using the bins provided :)

We have enjoyed developing our new gardening area...........

Eco Week taught us a lot about how to care for our amazing planet.......

We compost our daily fruit waste. We have three large compost bins, and 2 wormeries full of hundreds of hungry worms.

We have visited Global Renewables at Farington. Here we saw what happens to our household rubbish and learnt it is better to reuse, reduce and recycle rather than adding to landfill.

Each class enjoyed making a story character scarecrow to keep the birds away from our crops.

We have an annual textile collection to prevent our old clothing going to landfill. It helps raise money for school resources too.

We hate litter, and have regular litter pick around the school grounds and in the woods too.

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