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Reading, and the teaching of reading, is a fundamental part of our curriculum at Padiham Primary. Children are exposed to a wide range of quality texts everyday including stories, poems and rhymes. High quality teaching of phonics, following Reading Planet Rocket Phonics, takes place every day in Reception and KS1 (see the phonics section for more information). As children become more confident readers, we move to teaching fluency, accuracy and prosody alongside language comprehension. Classes in KS2 take part in daily reading lessons which are based around a selection of high quality texts. We use the VIPERS approach when discussing texts. In the lessons, children are given the opportunity to hear teachers modelling fluent reading & prosody whilst also developing their own fluency through paired & echo reading. Questioning involves lots of class discussion about language & vocabulary, characters and authors’ intentions. Pupils may also take part in comprehension lessons which focus on developing their written responses to texts. All classes have cosy reading corners which are stocked with a wide variety of quality texts. We also have a wonderful library area for children to explore. We are currently in the process of implementing the new government guidance ‘The Reading Framework’ across school.  This includes creating reading spines, evaluating our teaching of reading and creating a reading rich environment throughout school.

Year 6 Reading Buddies

Meet our new Year 6 Reading Buddies. The group attended a training session last week and are very keen to get started. They will be working with children in KS1 and Reception to help them develop their confidence, fluency and love of reading.

The Reading Cafe


Our Reading Cafe is open every Monday lunchtime. We meet to read, discuss books, find new favourite books and have fun completing reading related activities. Everyone is welcome!

World Book Day

On Thursday 3rd March, our school was awash with a sea of wonderful words. We had sporty, medical, thunder, black, smart, ballerina, magical, recycle and many more. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful effort put in to the costumes.

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