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Governors' Declaration

School governors at Padiham Primary school are unpaid, committed and willing members of our community that give up their time to ensure that the school delivers the best education possible for our children.


Clerk to the governing body is Mrs Joanne Carr (Lancashire county council)


All Governors can be contacted through school

Padiham Primary School Governors' register of interest- September 2018

Name and Type of Governor I have no business interests to declare Nature and name of business I declare that I am not a governor at any other educational establishment I declare that I am a governor at the following educational establishments I declare that I have no relationships(including spouses,partners or relatives) to members of school staff or I declare the following relationships Attendance at Full governor meetings

John Greenwood


Local Authority

  N/A       66%

Mrs Pate

(Vice Chair)


  N/A X Ridgewood Community High School   66%

Mr Purtill


  N/A   N/A   100%

Mr Dunderdale


  N/A   N/A   100%

Miss Liggins


  N/A   N/A   100%

Mrs Raidy


  N/A   N/A   82%

Mrs Hudson


  N/A   N/A   100%

Mrs Parkinson

Co opted

  N/A   N/A   66%

Mr D Maher

Co opted

x Aspire   N/A   82%


Name and type of governor