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Welcome to the safeguarding information page.

Lead members of staff for safeguarding in school are;

Mrs Johnson Towers Main DSL

Mrs Hope Back up DSL

Miss Liggins (acting deputy head teacher) Back up DSL

Mr Dunderdale (acting head teacher) Back up DSL

All staff in school recognise that they all have a collective responsibility to ensure safeguarding procedures are followed in school and as part of their induction and/or annual training are given information about any changes to safeguarding guidance found in Keeping Children Safe in School.

Other usual safeguarding documents are available in school for staff to read, including Guidance for Safer Working Practice.



 'You and other school leaders take your responsibilities very seriously. The establishment of a safeguarding team in school has proved very positive. The work of the learning mentor and designated safeguarding leader is highly effective and ensures that many vulnerable families get the support they need. There is a culture of safety in the school. All staff are well trained and fully understand their individual responsibilities to keep pupils safe. Pupils say that they feel safe, and parents agree. Pupils report that there is no bullying and that if there was it would be dealt with swiftly and effectively. Safeguarding policies and procedures are robust. You and governors ensure that systems for recruiting and vetting staff are secure and that all staff receive regular safeguarding updates in line with the government’s latest guidance.'


A recent safeguarding audit in June 2021 by Victoria Wallace from Lancashire County Council School Safeguarding team agreed with this statement, saying I fully agree with the findings

(from OFSTED 2017) and feel that there is a complete child -centred approach where the school recognises the role it can play in supporting families and children by using multi-agency support.

Multi agency Working /Support for Families

Mrs Johnson Towers and Mrs Hope have an extensive knowledge of local agencies and services which offer support to families in the area. If you have a concern or would like to speak with them please phone the school office who can put you through to them. Alternatively Mrs Johnson Towers and Mrs Hope are often at the front of school at the beginning and end of the day.

School office number 01282772496