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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Senior Staff

Head Teacher: Mr C L Dunderdale (Back up DSL)
Acting Deputy Head:  Miss S D Liggins (Back up DSL and CLA)

Teaching Staff

Miss Tann (Rec-RT)Miss B Pearson (Rec-RP)Miss J Pearson (Y1-1P)

Mrs Barford (Y1/2-1/2B)

Acting KS1 Team Leader

Mrs Breaks (Y2-2V)Miss White (Y3-3W)
Mrs Spencer/Miss Rushton (Y3/4-3/4R)Miss Cross (Y4-4C)Miss Brennan (Y5-5B)

Mr Gallagher (Y5/6-5/6G)

Acting KS2 Team Leader

Mrs Bracewell


Miss Wilson (Rec Mat leave)
Miss Ireson (HLTA)  
Miss Fort (HLTA)Mrs Hewerdine (SENDCO)

Mrs Hanslip (PPA/sport)



Office staff

Mrs Hardisty (School Business Manager)
Mrs McInnes (School Administrator)
Mrs Hosker (School Administrator)

Family Support Workers

Mrs D Hope (Back up DSL)
Mrs P Johnson Towers (Lead DSL)


Teaching Assistants

Miss Thompson (Reception)Miss Alston (Reception)Mrs Harvey (Reception)
Mrs Wade (Reception)Miss McKenna (1P)Mrs Davidson (1P)
Mrs Branders (1/2B)Mrs Rawson (1/2B)Mrs Huyton  (1/2B)
Mrs Bruce (2V)Mrs Leyland (3W)Mrs R Starkie (3/4R)
Mr Mayers  (4C)Mrs Knightley   (5B)Mrs Darbyshire  (5/6G)
Mr Leyland   (5/6K) 


Site Staff

Mrs Davies (Site supervisor) 
Mr Davies 


Mr J Greenwood (Authority) Mrs P Hallam ( Community)
Mrs E Parkinson (Community)Mr C Dunderdale (Head Teacher)
Mr D Mayer (Community)Mrs M Pate (Chairperson)
Mrs J Carr (Clerk to the governors)Mrs D Hudson (Community) 
Miss S Liggins (Community)Mrs R Hardisty (Staff)
Mrs N Raidy (Community)