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Welcome to 1/2B's web page.smiley


A fresh start !

2.9.20 an 

What a super start to this year! You can be very proud of your children. They came into school today without a fuss and joined in all activities with enthusiasm and a smile. These first few days will be about settling back into a routine and developing friendships. The staff will also be assessing the maths and reading skills the children have retained from last year. When this is completed we will begin to send home reading books again in a few days. There are a few pictures below, and I will add more soon....Mrs Barford laugh


Hello everyone. I'm really looking forward to seeing you all on our first day back. Our classroom is clean and safe and full of activities to get us all learning together again. 

Please arrive between 9 and 9.15am, and enter the classroom through our signposted door around the back of school. Please make sure jumpers, coats, book bags, lunchboxes and water bottles have names on them so we can easily identify who they belong to.

I will update this webpage regularly so you can see what we are up to in class. If you would like to speak to me please catch me at the end of the day, but I would appreciate it if you could wait till I have made sure all the children have been collected safely. Alternatively ring the office and leave a message, and I will get back to you. 

See you tomorrow :)   Mrs Barford

Our class email:

Our class email is:

This is a great way to share with our class what your children have done at home.laugh

10th July

Hello everyone. You will have received your school report today, and I hope you are all very proud of your achievements this year. You have been amazing in every way, and myself and Mrs Huyton have had a lovely year learning and having fun with you. You will have learnt today which class you will be in next year. I'm sad to see you move on but I know you will blossom in September when we all return to school. Have a brilliant summer holiday....lets hope the sun shines.

I will leave the activities for you on here, so you can dip in if you wish. It would be great if you could challenge yourself to read a book a week during the holidays, as reading is the key skill that will allow you to access the whole curriculum in the future.



Hello to the children who will join 1/2B next year.

It has been a very strange end to the school year. Usually the children would have visited their new classroom and staff, and we would have shared with them what would happen in September as they change year group. This year this has not been possible due to our 'bubbles' in school. Please don't worry. Fingers crossed we will all return in September , and the 1/2B staff will work very hard to settle your children, assess where they are currently working, and strive to get their disrupted education back on track. We are looking forward to a fun year ahead , so have a lovely summer holiday and we will see you in a few weeks. smiley


Mrs Barford and Mrs Huyton.


P.S:  If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see lots of photos of some of the activities we have enjoyed this year in 1/2B. 






6th July

Hello everyone. The new english and maths activities are below for you to try. I'd also like to remind you about the Oxford Owls website, which is free and has lots of books to read. Have you joined the library yet? Follow the link further down if not, they have lots of e-books to read.

Have a lovely week. :)

Hello everyone,

I'm so excited that our Year 1 children will be able to come back to school next Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to seeing you all. Try not to worry about what it will be like... Mrs Huyton and myself have been busy making sure everything will be as normal but safe as possible. We'll soon be having fun with our friends again.

Keep being patient Year 2's, our class will miss you but things will get back to normal eventually. Keep checking our class webpage for more daily Maths and English to keep you busy while you are at home. This weeks English is all about bears. I'd love you all to send pictures and messages to our class email so we can share them. smileyblush

Welcome to the month of June everyone. It seems ages since I saw you all .frownI bet you've all grown so much and have lost lots of teeth! I can't wait to see your gaps.....laugh

 I love receiving your photos so I will keep checking our class email. Remember..... be good and keep smiling.blush

Our class email is

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have, ask for more work or

simply send me any photos of what you have been up to or the work you have done!

Thank you for the photos you have sent to the class email. It's lovely to see what you are up to and to see your smiley faces.

Homemade saltdough sculptures:

Just a reminder there are daily lessons for Maths and English below as usual which closely match activities we do in school. They have video links and activities to try. If you fancy the Year 1 text instead of the Year 2 that's fine. The activities can be done in your purple books. (Scroll further down to find previous weeks activities if you've missed them and fancy a try.)


Daily Literacy ideas-

Daily Maths ideas:
When in school much of our maths curriculum is base on White Rose Maths. Below is a link that will allow your child to do a little of their maths work each day with your support. More activities are being added regularly. The links include a video which teaches concepts and a worksheet.
Year 1 lessons
Year 2 lessons
If you are asked to subscribe while trying to access the worksheets for maths via White Rose or Bitesize please don't pay. The free service for parents has now ended, so I will upload the worksheets here each week for you to access. Please email me if you have problems with this.

White Rose worksheets from week 4 onwards: (these will pause during half term.)

Some additional Year 1 activity booklets to print in June. They reinforce skills learnt at school.

22nd June Leaderboard:

Top Doodle Maths scores in the last 7 days are still Isabel, Chloe, George, Leah and Emma. Keep up the good work... 5 minutes a day will help to keep your maths skills going.wink


There were no Numbot users this week. Remember it is a free app and your passwords are in your purple books.

June - I'm pleased to announce we have new members to our school community. We have at least two baby blue tits peeping out of our bird box in the infant outdoor area :)

It is still very quiet in school but we are keeping busy and cheerful. Today we learnt the story "The Bad Tempered Ladybird" and made a little character. We searched outside to try and find a ladybird but sadly we didn't see one. We found lots of other amazing things though.

The Bad Tempered Ladybird

By Eric Carole Published by Puffin

A message to you all from the teachers xx

Still image for this video

This is a lovely story to share during social distancing. It made me smile :)

While We Can't Hug by Eoin McLaughlin

Hedgehog and Tortoise want to give each other a great big hug, but they're not allowed to touch.

Miss Cross our P.E co-ordinator has a half term challenge for you. Click on the link below to find out more....

During your daily exercise see if you can find a pebble and get crafty. Follow these instructions and create a mini beast. Email me a photo to share with everyone.

Have you taken part in the May art challenge below and created a masterpiece ? If so send a copy to the class email and I will showcase it here.

The BBC Daily Bitesize continues to have lovely short manageable lessons for our age group. The maths lessons are a great reminder for children of concepts we have covered this year. In topic you can also find out all about inspirational people like Elizabeth Fry and Gandhi. Try clicking on Year 1 or Year 2 .smiley

The National Oak Academy:

This is the online resource that you will have heard about on the daily virus briefing. There are lovely lessons for each day of the week that children can assess themselves. smiley

A book to share...

The link below is for a lovely booklet containing sheets where your child can explore their feelings and express their thoughts while they are distanced from family and friends.


Hello everyone.smiley   The month of May is nearly at an end and myself and Mrs Huyton are still missing you all, and hoping you are all enjoying spending time at home. As well as having fun, try to do a little learning each day to keep up the super skills you have developed so far this year. The websites below have lots to keep you busy. GONOODLE have lots of new work outs and guided dances for you to try! I've added a link below for the schools sport partnership activities too. They will help you keep fit indoors. If you would like to send me an email of a picture you have created, or a story you've written, I'd love to see how busy you've been. The May art challenge below has been a fun way to keep busy at home. Remember to send me a picture to add to our showcase. Also below are PSHE links to online safety and caring for yourselves.

I can see on my computer that some of you are still busy keeping up with your maths on Numbots and Doodlemaths. Well done to Duncan and Maddison who have the top scores on the leader board for Numbots in the last 7 days.laugh Leah, Chloe, Isabel, George and Emma have also been doing amazingly on Doodle Maths, and are our top scorers this week again. Keep up the great work.smiley Well done Leah for trying out Doodle spell too. Please remember you can keep really busy on Purple Mash. There are endless activities on here so give it a go if you get chance.

Just a reminder the  website I would love you to use is Oxford Owls, as this gives you free access to lots of home reading books we use in school.  Please challenge yourself to read a book each day. There are links below for daily Literacy lessons too. I have joined the Library online and have already enjoyed some great books sent to my computer for free. Just follow the link below if you would like to try this too.

If you would like to print worksheets Twinkl is a super website with every subject you can think of. The new BBC Bitesize daily lessons are amazing ! They cover things we have already learnt, as well as new learning that we would have enjoyed during the summer term. There is a great lesson on Year 2 about Neil Armstrong and it will remind you all about the topic we did on explorers last term.

There are links below for some super addition and subtraction booklets that you can print at home to keep up with your basic skills in maths. It would be great if everyone had spent time revising their 2,5 and 10 x tables too. Bitesize has added lessons on this too. If you are super clever at this try your 3's as well.This was something we were really trying hard to achieve last term and many of you had nearly achieved this so keep practising. The White Rose Maths links below give a daily lesson for you to try too.


Above all stay happy, be kind to your family, and try to help out where you can at home. Perhaps you could help your grown ups to make tea, or read a bedtime story to your brother or sister. If you do baking send me a photo of the delicious things you have made to make my mouth water!


Some of the 1/2B Key Worker children who are currently attending school have brought in some lovely work that they have completed at home from their pack.  Thank you to all our parents who are continuing to do an amazing job. In school we have been learning skills like sewing, baking, constructing, and current events like V.E Day 75 years ago. We have been making each other smile as much as possible.smiley This picture made me smile. There are lots more below to look at to make you smile too :)

Our class email is

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have, ask for more work or

simply send me any photos of what you have been up to or the work you have done!


Parents: these websites are great and we use them in school regularly. The children have their log in details in their pack. Purple Mash is amazing for all curriculum areas and the children can save their work so it can be accessed in school too. Perhaps your child could use 2Publish or 2Create a Story to complete some of the tasks in their purple home/school book. 2DIY is great for making their own computer games. Just watch the helpful tutorials. Hopefully the children will remember what they learnt in school but each program is designed for Infant children to use independently.


Please click on the links below to find activities to try at home.


The websites below are all super websites - many of which are offering FREE subscriptions at the moment.

This is new and amazing and I have had a great time exploring it. There are daily lessons for each day of the week and they are based on work we have covered this year, such as the countries of the UK, alongside new learning that we would have covered during the summer term. Well done BBC!

Another new resource which has been launched since Easter. Each day there is a Maths, English and foundation subject to explore. Just click on Year 1 or 2.

We use this regularly in school and all the children are really familiar with the games. Try any games (Phase 3, 4 or 5). You may need to create an account but lots of games are free.

You may need to create an account but this site has lots of READING BOOKS similar to those we have in school. Reading is THE MAIN area of learning we recommend for our children - it is so important! Try and read a book as regularly as possible!
Another amazing site with a HUGE amount of activities, stories, games, worksheets for all subjects - English, Maths, Science, Geography, History... everything!

This is a new website which we haven't used before but is offering free log ins for children. Their log ins are in the purple exercise books. 

Log ins are the children's first names and password 'pig'. - Maths/English - Active - Handwriting/Letter Formation - Maths - Science - Maths/English - really good! - Maths - all subjects


May Drawing Challenge - have a go! Draw and colour a picture every day!

Daily Literacy lessons:

Join the library and borrow lovely books for free via the Borrowbox app.

For advice for children with SEND during the school closure please follow the link below.

Writing ideas for your child to complete while we are away from school.......

Daily Maths Lessons:
Personal, Social and Health Education ideas to try at home.smiley
R.E ideas:
Topic: Purple Mash, Twinkl and BBC Bitesize are great for this....

We Can Go Exploring!

As Class 1P, Class 1/2 B and Class 2V have been sadly unable to take our farm trip, here are many super links to take you on Virtual Trips around the world!laugh 

The Macaroni Kid website includes a great link to different types of farms too:

Farm Tours with FarmFood360 

There are 11 different farms to explore, from a Dairy Farm to an Apple Orchard.

You could write about what you find out and draw pictures in your book:)

Activities for over the Easter break


I have added a document of Easter Activities which you can print off and complete and play the games, do the colourings etc.

There is also a good website with Easter links to RE and craft activities.


I have also attached a document from the Lancashire English team which has activities based on a story with lots of links to online documents. There will be one of these released each week after the break, so keep checking back on this page weekly! (It says Year 1 but it is suitable for both Year 1 and 2)

My name is Mrs Barford and I am the lucky teacher of the Year 1 and 2 children in Class 1/2B. Mrs Huyton is our full time teaching assistant, so if you have any questions or worries please do come and speak to us. Miss Fort also teaches in our class on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.


Please check our web page regularly to see what exciting things we have been up to.laugh

Useful class information:

P.E is on Wednesday so could earrings be removed on this day please.

Reading books will be sent home each day. Your child will be able to choose a new one themselves when they need one.

A spelling homework sheet will be sent home each Friday, with a spelling test of the words in school the following Friday.

Doodle maths and Numbots are both available online so your child can boost their understanding of number. Your child will be reminded how to log on at home.

Click on the link at the bottom of this page to see what we are learning each term.

We have made delicious vegetable salad for our friends in DT. We know vegetables are really good for us.

We love World Book Day. We got cosy in our pyjamas and enjoyed sharing stories with our toys. We have created some super writing this week about some crayons that were very fed up! Thank you for all the hard work put in at home to create your stunning stories in a box.

We had great fun creating story character from wooden spoons. Can you guess who we made?

We are all very proud of the books we have written this term. We like being authors and illustrators.

We had a competition to see which space buggy went the straightest and furthest after rolling it down a ramp. Well done Leo.... yours was the best!

We have designed and made space buggies for our toys. We had great ideas for the features the buggies would need. We learnt to use tools safely too.

We have had lots of fun during our explorers topic this term.

We celebrated Chinese New Year by making some lovely dragon puppets.

Artist Sue Flowers came to school to work with us. She encouraged us to look closely at nature and to be creative with what we saw.

The nurse came to show us how to wash our hands correctly so we stay healthy.

We have learnt how to sew ! We concentrated hard and produced lovely calendars. We can then use our work as a bookmark.

We loved performing our Christmas play 'A Midwife Crisis'. Thank you for coming to watch us.

Our book swap went well. Lots of children now have a lovely new book to enjoy! We now have a box in our classroom to put books in so we can keep swapping :)

Well done everyone for helping to raise £318.65 for |Children In Need.

After our visit to the hall we drew some amazing pictures of it with charcoal. We tried to look carefully at the detail on the building.

We were history detectives when we visited Gawthorpe Hall this week. We found clues about the past and how some people lived a long time ago.

We are lucky to have Sam from Burnley Leisure teaching us athletics skills this half term.

We have had fun being authors this week. We planned and wrote our own book on how to be a witch.

We loved dressing up for book week in October.

We have been out and about investigating how the season is changing. We loved collecting leaves and Autumn treasure, and found leaf rubbing fascinating.

30/9/19 Well done to Leah. She is our top infant Doodler this week. Keep up the good maths work!

Bonjour. We enjoyed learning a little about France on European Languages day this term.

Well done Lottie. You won our French colouring competition.

Well done George. You were the first superstar in 1/2B to read 10 books at home this year. Keep up the good work and make sure you show everyone your special sticker! When you reach 20 books you'll be able to choose a small prize too.

Three more super children who have achieved their award for reading 10 books at home. Well done everyone.

We are working hard to develop our reading. We do phonics every day, and read in school as much as we can. Thank you to all the parents who are also reading regularly with their children at home. It really encourages your child in this crucial area.

We are learning about traditional stories...with a twist. We made masks and acted out 'Eat Your Greens Goldilocks!' We were amazing actors.

To celebrate Roald Dahl's birthday we have enjoyed his wonderful story, The Enormous Crocodile. We have created descriptive writing with adjectives, and made crocodile puppets too.

We are reinforcing our maths skills and learning new skills with numbers.

We love to play outside, whatever the weather.

We have each made a special spider who we can read our reading book to each evening (because we know spiders love stories too!)

We have painted ourselves really carefully to display in the classroom.

We have been having a busy time getting to know our new classmates.

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