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New information and photos will be at the top of the page. Please scroll down for classroom information and to the very bottom for the curriculum clouds to find out what exciting things we are learning!

Our first few weeks in Year 1! 


We have had a busy 3 weeks so far! We have been playing in the classroom, working hard in our new subjects and making the most of the last bit of summer by enjoying our outdoor area! 


We got to dress up as a character or wear yellow for Roald Dahl day last week which was fun!


We also made a mini version of ourselves for our entrance to the classroom! :)



Please remember that we are collecting tins and packets of food for the Harvest festival!

Thank You.



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 Welcome to 1P! 

We are very lucky in 1P to have some fantastic members of staff to help us do all of the fun and exciting work we will do this year! 

Mrs Davidson works in our class all day Monday - Thursday

Miss McKenna works in our class all day Monday - Friday

Miss Fort works in our class on Wednesday mornings

and you get me (Miss Pearson) all day, every day! 



It is a big step to go from Reception to Year 1 - not only do you have different teachers but you will do lots of different lessons, such as ICT, Art, History, Music, RE, Geography and many more! However Year 1 is all about making learning interesting and find lots of fun ways to cover our topics. 


Each half term we will learn a different topic which covers everything we need to learn in Year 1. Each topic has a name and we make a 'curriculum overview' (called a curriculum cloud) which is sent home to give parents an idea of their childs' learning. They are all at the very bottom of this page so please check each half term for the latest one. 



* Reading Books - these are changed as often as you read them. Please try to read a book, or just part of a book, each night. Please write the page number and sign or tick to say it has been read and then we can change it. Books may not be changed on a Friday (as Mrs Davidson does these) but please send in anyway. 


* PE - our PE lesson is on Monday afternoon. Please ensure children have a t-shirt, shorts and pumps and these all have their NAMES in! Please also ensure children have their earrings taken our before school as we cannot do this for them.


* Homework is given out in the form of a spelling sheet on a FRIDAY to be completed at the weekend/following week and returned on the FRIDAY after. Please do not send on Monday even if completed as on Friday's we have a little spelling test and so keeping the list means your child can practice up to the Thursday evening. 


* We also use a superb programme called Doodle Maths which has great games and is proven to help progress in Maths. The children LOVE it! Usernames and Passwords will be given out in the next few weeks, once the children have had a practice in school. 


Any questions, please ask me when the children are leaving in the afternoons, or on the door in the morning! 


Miss Pearson 




Curriculum Clouds


These tell you everything that we are learning each half term. 

Each topic has a different name and different subjects are covered so that by the end of the year, everything in the curriculum has been taught. 

Have a look at the different topic clouds below:


* Autumn 1 - Fighting Fit

* Autumn 2 - Wind in the Willows

* Spring 1 - Explorers

* Spring 2 - The Farm Shop

* Summer 1 - The Place Where I Live

* Summer 2 - Buckets and Spades