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A message to you all from the teachers xx

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This week we would like you to be Scientists. Can you try some of the these exciting experiments at home? :-)

30.6.2020 Here are this week's LCC's English documents.


Good afternoon everybody. I do hope that you continue to be safe and well. We still miss you all very much. Please feel free to contact any of the 3/4 team if there is anything you need. I am very much looking forward to seeing you all in the future (hopefully not too distant).


Mrs Spencer

Can you add the letter i or y to complete the words....

Can you add the correct ch to complete the words....


Hello everybody. I really hope that you continue to be safe and well. Please continue with the work you are doing at home. Keep checking the website for new resources that Miss Rushton and myself (Mrs Spencer) are adding. Please feel free to contact either of us if there is anything we can help you with.

All the best,

Mrs Spencer and the 3/4R team.

Can you use these notes to write a paragraph. Don't forget to include capital letters and full stops...

Have you been keeping a diary of your time during these peculiar times? Maybe you could write something now. How have things changed? Have you seen anybody? Have you been able to go anywhere?

Can you design a new toy that could be played at home? It might be a board game or something made out of bits and bobs you can find in the house. Use this template to help you.

Who is this? What do you know about him? Can you do any research and find out any interesting facts? You could always choose a different footballer, maybe one from your favourite team....

Hello everyone!

We hope you are all well and working hard. We are really missing you all and we can't wait to see you all soon!


Here are some resources to keep you busy this week. :-)


Keep being superstars,


The 3/4R team. :-)

Here are this week's English exciting units provided by the LCC

This week's project - Can you find out all about endangered animals? Can you create a poster about an endangered animal of your choice which includes lots of information about your animal? Try to persuade people to protect your animal in the future. 


Can you write a poem about your endangered animal?


Can you create a bar chart showing the amount of your endangered animal that still exists in different parts of the world?

Can you create your own book about endangered animals like the one below?

In the document below there are lots of fact files about endangered animals at Colchester Zoo



Hello everyone, here are this week's resources.

We hope you're all well and keeping safe.


The 3/4R team. :-)



This week marks Puffin Book's 80th Birthday. To celebrate they are holding a week long 'Festival of Big Dreams' there are lots of lovely activities to take part in. Follow the link below to find out more. :-)



At this time of year our Science topic would usually be 'Living things and their habitats.'


Our bug hotel project was a nice start to this work. If you take a look below I have included some resources to help support your learning at home. :-)



Below are some lovely Geography quizzes and ideas you can use at home. :-) 



Hello everyone. I do hope that you continue to be safe and well. We continue to miss you very much and hope that you are still trying to complete some of the work that myself (Mrs Spencer) and Miss Rushton are adding to the website. If you would like any extra work, we would be pleased to put a a pack together for you to collect from the school office. I am currently working in school on a Monday and Miss Rushton is in on a Friday so please contact school if you need anything extra from us, we would be more than happy to assist.


Take care,

Mrs Spencer 

Can you identify the correct collective noun?

Can you use these phrases in your own sentences? Maybe you could use them to inspire a story.....

Could you write a set of instructions? How to make a sandwich? How to brush your teeth? How to play a computer game? You decide! Use the text to help you....

Hello parents, carers and children,


We just wanted to write you a little note about home learning.

From what we have seen so far you are all completing lots of work and trying really hard at home.

WELL DONE to all of you for your amazing efforts so far!


We know this is an unusual time for everyone, the most important thing is to keep you and your family happy and healthy.

Whilst we obviously encourage you to work at home, we do realise this will be easier for some people than others.

Try your best to do what you can but also use this time to spend quality time together too. 


We will be posting new resources on the website each day for you to access. These resources are not a must do they are being added to help support you and your families at home.

Some of the resources will be our core subjects Maths, English and Reading whilst others will be tasks or challenges you can enjoy as a family. 


To all the 3/4R children, we are missing you. 

We are really proud of how hard you are all working at home. :-)


The most important message we want to send is -


You are doing an amazing job. Keep each other safe and enjoy this precious time together. 


Remember if you need us do not hesitate to email us. :-)


Our best wishes,


Miss Rushton, Mrs Spencer, Miss Rawcliffe, Mrs Rawson and Miss Fort. 




P.S. Keep scrolling through our page to find lots of resources. 

Bug Hotel Project.


Bug Hotel Project Tasks:

D.T :

Task one: Design a bug hotel using a labelled diagram. (Build your bughotel in the bottom of a large pop bottle to keep the inside dry.


Task two: Make your bug hotel.



Write a clear set of instructions to teach someone else how to make a bug hotel.


Write an advert or create a brochure persuading Minibeasts to stay in your hotel. Don't forget to exaggerate! e.g Our new five star bug hotel has a state of the art snail hot tub.


Write a story pretending to be one of the Minibeasts staying in your hotel.


Make fact-files about the different Minibeasts who live in bug hotels.


Find out what common foods different Minibeasts will eat and create a menu for your bug hotel.




Measure all the components for your bug hotel accurately using a ruler.


Make tally charts, bar charts and pictograms to record how many bugs are staying in your bug hotel.


Make a price list for the different types of rooms in your bug hotel.

Add the prices in different ways and subtract the amounts from £10.00 or £20.00 to calculate change.




Snail Room £1.43

Worm Room £3.34




Draw detailed sketches of the Minibeasts you find in your bug hotel.


Please send us photos of your amazing bug hotels and let us know if you think of anymore fun tasks.


Top tip: If no Minibeasts decide to visit your hotel you could go on a Minibeast hunt and pop them in yourself.


Have fun and stay safe. :-)





Hard work at home. :-) We are so proud of all of the children in 3/4R for working so hard at home. Here a just a few of the photos we have been sent. :-)

18.5.2020 - Here are some fantastic times tables resources for this week. They are numbered so try them in order. :-)

18.5.2020 - Here are this weeks amazing resources from LCC


Good morning everybody. I hope that you continue to be safe and well. I also hope that you are attempting some of the activities myself (Mrs Spencer) and Miss Rushton are adding to the class web page. We continue to miss you all and are looking forward to when we can meet again.

Take care and stay safe, Mrs Spencer.


Can you use some exciting verbs and adjectives to describe these footballers in action?

Can you rearrange the order of these sentences to make a new one?

Today, a little revision on using nouns...

Here is a little more revision. This time it's all about adjectives.

Have a go at comparing these adjectives.....



Hello everyone, below are some maths resources for you to try at home.


We have included some more multiplication work.

To aid with this we have included a PowerPoint to help you remind your children of the short method at home.

We have also attached three levels of sheets for your child to try. (As we have mentioned before, If your child is struggling - try them on a different level.)

We have attached the multiplication grid again to aid your child if they are struggling with their times tables at home. 


We have also included some amazing mental maths tests to try at home. 


Stay safe, work hard and enjoy this precious family time. 


Miss Rushton and Mrs Spencer :-)

12.5.2020 - English Resources for home learning from LCC.

12.5.2020 - PSHE - Home activities to aid with discussing feelings.


Good morning everyone. I hope that you continue to be safe and well. I also hope that you may have been able to enjoy the beautiful weather over the VE holiday weekend. I do hope that you are continuing to work through some of the activities added to the class web page. Take care, Mrs Spencer.


Why don't you try to complete this poem all about Spring?

Could you replace the verbs with something a little more interesting?

Could you answer the questions about the River Nile? Maybe you could find out some more interesting facts about this river...

Add ly to make these adverbs...


Good morning everybody. I hope that you are all staying safe and well. I also hope that you are continuing to try and complete a little bit of the work set by myself (Mrs Spencer) and Miss Rushton. We continue to miss you all and are looking forward to being reunited soon. Until then stay safe and take care.



Today, could you try adding an exclamation mark or a question mark to these sentences?

Could you complete the limericks? Think about the rhyme....

Can you add the correct punctuation to these sentences? Remember to add speech marks around the words spoken...

Can you use was and were correctly? Have a go at these examples...

1.5.2020 - Here are some fun Harry Potter maths word problems.

1.5.2020 - Here are some fantastic resources provided by Lancashire to support your children's English learning at home.

Today we created a new display in 3/4R. Please send us some of your amazing Harry Potter work from home so we can fill it up! :-)

30.4.2020 Maths -The maths resources we are providing for your home learning are covering the basic mathematical skills. Over the next couple of weeks, the resources will look at multiplication.We have included some Parent advice and a multiplication square which will help if your child is struggling with a specific times table. :-)

30.4.2020 - Here are some thank you posters for your windows if you would like them to colour in or to use as ideas to draw your own.

29.4.2020 After a lot of positive feedback about the Harry Potter resources from last week I have found some brilliant reading resources for this week. You will need a copy of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone to use these resources.

29.4.2020 - Egyptian Project Booklet. Here is an amazing Egyptian project booklet to help you study the Egyptians at home. You will need access to the internet to help you research the answers to the questions found in the booklet. :-) Can you use the Hieroglyphs to create a code message for myself and Mrs Spencer to crack? If you can email them to our class email address.:-)


Hello everybody. I hope that you are all tryng to do a little bit of the work that is set by myself (Mrs Spencer) and Miss Rushton. We are both really missing you all and are looking forward to seeing you all as soon as we possibly can.


I hope you enjoyed completing some of the English activities yesterday. Here are a few more things you could try today....


Could you write a description about some of the things you have been doing at home with your family? How have you been filling your time? Have you taken up any new hobbies? Write a paragraph about some of the things that you have been doing.


What about doing some Art work? Can you draw something from inside your house or in your garden? It could be a vase, an ornament or a flower growing in the garden. Your sketch could be pencil only or you could colour it in?


Good Morning everybody...

Hope that you are all keeping safe and well. Take a look at some of the worksheets I've added for you to complete today. 







Science this term, is Living Things and their Habitats. Take a look at the video which explains about the classisfication of living things. Use this to help you fill in the Animal Grouping sheet below. 

Use the BBC clip to help you sort the animals into groups.

Can you choose the correct verb to fill the gap?

Can you sort these adjectives into the correct boxes?

Can you choose the correct word? Is and are worksheet.

Try out some of these spelling mats from the year 3 and 4 statutory spelling list.

Today, why don't you try adding er and est to the root word...

A big hello from Miss Rushton and Mrs Spencer, we will be the teachers in 3/4R this year.


In our classroom we are fortunate enough have help from our amazing teaching assistant, Miss Rawcliffe. The fantastic Mrs Hanslip will also be teaching in our classroom on Wednesday afternoons.  


This will be a busy year filled with an abundance of engaging lessons and activities. All the staff in 3/4R are ready for the wonderful year ahead and we are excited to meet you all on our first day back.



  • On Wednesdays, we will have our P.E lesson. Your child will require a full P.E kit including: black pumps, a white t-shirt and black shorts which are all clearly labelled with their name.


  • Homework and spellings will be set every Friday to be returned the following Thursday.


  • Children  Work hard to learn your spellings and times tables at home to achieve some superb scores on your tests!


  • Your child will bring home a reading book each night along with their reading record. 
  • Please encourage your child to read as much as possible at home as the impact on their school work and progress is significant.


  • Children  Each section of the website will have interactive games and ideas linked with our topic for you to try at home.


  • Parents  Take a look at the bottom of this page to see what we will be learning throughout the year. (Curriculum Clouds)


Children, get ready to work hard, have fun and learn lots of interesting and rewarding things!


Remember - We are all stars in 3/4R!


Thank you


Miss Rushton and Mrs Spencer.


Our new class email address is

Opportunities for extending your children's learning at home.


As a school, we have access to several fantastic online websites which can also be used to facilitate your children's learning at home.


Every child in school has access to the following websites:


(Websites and Apps with passwords provided by school.)


Doodle: Doodle is a brilliant learning tool which had four different areas to support your child's learning. Doodle can be accessed online or through the App. 

Times Table Rock Stars: A brilliant game to aid your children's multiplication and division. 

Numbots: Numbots is a fantastic game which focuses on basic number facts and mental maths questions.

Purple Mash:


(Websites without passwords)


Readtheory: To aid with children's comprehension of reading.

Nrich: This is a brilliant website for children who particularly enjoy a challenge in maths.


BBC Bitesize:

Literacy Shed:

Children's Poetry:


Don't forget to read as much as you can at home too! :-)


Look at the links below to get ahead for next term. (SUMMER TERM)

24.4.2020 - Amazing Harry Potter writing booklet. This booklet has some fantastic resources to help encourage your children to write at home. The pack is Based on Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

24.4.2020 - Friday's maths challenge.



Hello everyone, we hope you all had a wonderful Easter break. We are really missing you all. Thank you for all of the amazing emails we have received your work looks fantastic.


Below we have attached some new resources for you to try at home.

These resources can be left on the screen for your children to access.


Keep working hard, having a nice time with your families and keep safe. 

22.4.2020 - Writing - I thought it would me a nice activity for families to make a time capsule together. These resources have some lovely writing opportunities..

22.2.2020 Geography/Science - Here is a fantastic resource all about the Lake District with lots of practical activities.



The Water Horse

This half term our English topic was going to be The Water Horse by Dick-King Smith.

The movie is currently on Netflix. Tomorrow I will be adding some poetry resources to use along side the movie for those who can access it. :-)



29.4.2020 - I have found this lovely booklet to accompany The Water Horse movie on Netflix it has some lovely resources to encourage writing.

Friday's Maths Challenge:

2.4.2020 Here is tomorrow's maths challenge, I will be doing this in school tomorrow, you should have a go at home too. :-)


Parents: This is Who Wants to be a Millionaire PowerPoint, it's probably best being adult led. One slide shows the question and the next slide shows the answer. If you run it as a slide show that would work best. The slides change on a mouse click. :-)


Children: You will need a pen and paper for your working out. Why not make it a family challenge and see who can score the most points? :-) Can you beat your parents?


Additional Maths work for week beginning 30.3.2020. :-)

26.3.2020 Hello everyone,

Thank you for working so hard at home! We are really impressed with all the hard work we have seen so far. We are really missing you all but we hope you are enjoying this time with your families. Here are some maths sheets for next week focusing on column addition. I have included some different levels, so if you are struggling please try a different one. Keep up the hard work and we hope to see you very soon. :-)


Grammar sheets

27.3.2020 Here are some extra grammar resources for week beginning 30.4.2020.


Keep up the hard work! :-)


31.3.2020 Read the poem below by Lucy Short.

Can you write your own poem about what you have been doing at home whilst school has been closed?


Harry Potter


2.4.20 Lovely Mrs Bracewell from 5/6K found this new Harry Potter website and it looks fantastic. Thank you Mrs Bracewell!


English writing opportunity - Once you have looked at the new website, create a poster advertising the website or an aspect of the website such as a game or newsletter. Try to include lots of persuasive language! :-)

Comprehension activities

28.03.2020 The document below contains some short comprehension activities which include an intersting text followed by a set of questions.

Easter Basket Competition 

27.3.2020 Hello everyone, I just thought I would add something fun today. An Easter Basket competition! There is a template below to create an Easter Basket but please feel free to get as creative as possible to create your own. (You don't have to use the template.) Email your entries to our class email address. :-)


Happy Weekend!



I am sure you've all had an interesting first week at home.


Here are some links to help with physical education at home.


Joe Wicks - P.E streaming daily.


Don't be fooled parents and carers this is a hard workout. :-)



Oti Mabuse - A fun, daily dance class. (There is also an adults class in the evenings. )





Educational websites offering free subscriptions.

The document below contains a list of all the websites currently offering temporary free subscriptions to aid with learning at home.


2.4.20 The website below has a lot of creative ideas for reusing household items to make lovely pieces of art.

Family Fun Activities:


31.3.2020 - Good morning everyone, here are some amazing activities I have found online which can be done using things found around the house.


Bubble Snakes - take a look at the following link to learn how to make bubble snakes at home. They are very easy to make and lots of fun.


Update: I took Freya into the garden today to try this and it was lots of fun. I am not sure who enjoyed it more me or her! :-) 


Salt dough: Salt dough is an easy recipe which can be used to make models from - a lot of people have been using it to make hand prints. :-)


Household scavenger hunts: Fun challenges to find things in your own home.







Online Daily Streams:

Summer Term - Please try some of these websites at home. This is the work we would have been looking at after Easter. If you don't have the book at home the film is currently on Netflix. :-)

Water, Water Everywhere!


Next term, we will be looking at our new topic,'Water, Water Everywhere!'


In English we will be reading the famous novel by Dick King-Smith - The Water Horse. We will be writing our own poems based upon the novel.



Our new History topic will be ' The Egyptians' you can use the following websites below to learn more about the Egyptians at home.



BBC Bitesize -

The School Run

Primary Homework Help


In Science, we will be learning all about States of Matter. 

 Try these fun websites at home to learn more!


BBC Class Clips -

BBC Bitesize -


In Geography, we will be learning all about Rivers and The Water Cycle.

Can you find out more below?


Crickweb The Water Cycle-

BBC Bitesize Rivers -


In Art, we will be looking closely at the work of John Constable, have a look at some of his amazing work at home by following this link. 


Can you impress Miss Rushton and Mrs Spencer with all the information you find out at home?





Curriculum Clouds

Our first topic this year is 'Sparks Might Fly'. The topic is heavily based upon Science. Throughout the topic, we will be looking closely at electrical circuits and how they work.


Try these interactive games to extend and support your learning at home!

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