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Welcome to 3W!


It is my absolute pleasure to welcome both children and parents to class 3W smiley I, Miss White, am the class teacher and I am thrilled to be supported by Mrs Shaw. We also have the privilege of being joined by Mrs Spencer, who will be teaching in class on Thursday mornings. The 3W staff have a very exciting year planned and are very much looking forward to completing our team on Tuesday 5th September when we finally get to meet you all! For updates on our learning and important notices, please check this page regularly. An outline of this half term's curriculum can be found below ('Curriculum Clouds' PDF documents). In the meantime, please take note of the following:

  • Friday mornings - PE kit is essential. Every item must contain child's full name. 
  • Friday afternoons - Spellings, Times Tables, English and Maths homework issued. To be completed by the following Wednesday at the latest, please, to allow time for marking and feedback to child.
  • Every day - Reading book to be taken home and reading record to be signed by adult when child has read some. Please ensure reading book and reading record are brought back every morning.
  • Every day - Encourage your child to access DoodleMaths at home as it is proven to rapidly accelerate your child's progress in Maths.  
  • Every day - REMEMBER! You're never fully dressed without a smile frown   

                       (and your name in all items of your school uniform!)


Please do not hesitate to see me before or after school with any queries. 

Curriculum Clouds

Egyptian Gods


We are thrilled to share our stunning art work with you! We sketched our favourite Egyptian God on real papyrus then added colour using oil pastels.

Exploring Judaism

Top Doodlers!

We are working hard at home to accelerate our learning in Maths. DoodleMaths makes homework fun and is really helping us to improve our classwork too.  


Bertie Bee!


Bertie Bee led the way as he launched our Daily Mile. It was a wonderful surprise and trying to keep up with him encouraged us to try harder when running or jogging! 


Teamwork Champions!

Cricket Coaching

Ukulele Lessons

Swimming Superstars!


Presenting another times tables superstar...

The Museum of Science and Industry



Here we are enjoying Book Week inspired Julia Donaldson's terrific tale, The Troll. 


Congratulations to our first Rock Legend on Times Tables Rockstars! 

Passport to Europe

Here we are bring introduced to our new topic. Virtual reality took us on a fascinating tour around Paris and it felt like we were actually there! We learnt about some of the famous French landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. Now we are excited to learn so much more!

Fundraising Fun Run!


Everyone in school ran a mile today in their pyjamas and brought a donation to raise money for a school scooter pod. This will provide us with a safe place to park our scooters when we travel to school on them. 




This week we have been learning about global issues, particularly focusing on endangered animals.

Please celebrate some of our masterpieces here...


Welcome back to our spring term and new year of 2018. Let's make it one to remember for all the right reasons! 


Reindeer Surprise!

 Performance Poetry 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Fairy Tale Fun

The grand finale of our Fairy Tale unit in English will be when we go to Burnley Youth Theatre to enjoy their performance of Snow White. In preparation for this, a visitor from BYT came into school to deliver a drama workshop which gave us an exciting insight into the story and its characters.

Happy Halloween!



Here we are showing off and enjoying playing our very own Operation games that we made using our scientific knowledge combined with our design and technology skills. Making the light bulb glow and the buzzer sound was very satisfying (even though that was not the aim of the game!) 

Fantasy and Fireworks!

We are delighted to share our completed English working wall and one of our stories with you. Enjoy!

Remarkable Readers!

Orchestral Families Workshop


We thoroughly enjoyed making sounds with musical instruments from different families. Please contact Shuttleworth College for more information on music lessons for your child. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

National Fitness Day

Super Scientists


We are thoroughly enjoying investigating electricity and constructing circuits. 

Fantastic Gymnastics

This week in PE we have been experimenting with different balances and learning what makes a good balance. 

Roald Dahl Day


Here we are looking Dahlicious at the start of a fun-packed day exploring the works of late, great Roald Dahl.


Making new friends...

A look back at last year...heart

Curriculum Clouds

Pendle Hill

In order to extend our learning on our Geography topic, we walked up Pendle Hill and identified human and physical features. Most of us had never attempted this walk before so it was a huge achievement and wonderful experience.

Sports Day

Attendance Award


Here we are celebrating being the best attending class in school this week AGAIN... frown

The Magic Faraway Tree

Here are some of our illustrated responses to our class novel, Enid Blyton's, The Magic Faraway Tree...

Poetry Performance


One of our favourite activities in this week's Guided Reading has been learning poetry by heart and reciting it. We chose to perform this poem which took us 20 minutes to learn and rehearse. We even rose to Miss White's challenge which was to add a verse of our own...


Still image for this video

How does your garden grow?

Mosaic Gods


Here we are making mosaic Roman Gods, some of which can be seen on the display photograph. Every single one of us created a masterpiece!

Friday Fun!


Here we are enjoying karaoke with some of our friends from other classes in Golden Time. 

Happy Historians


Mr Purtill was thrilled when these three superstars arrived at his office with their impressive storyboards detailing Boudicca's Revolt.

Reggae Day!


Learning about Reggae in Music lessons is FUN! Here we are experimenting with some dance moves to Bob Marley's, Three Little Birds. We sing it so well that we are challenging ourselves to add choreography to our final performance!

Serving Superstars!


In Tennis we can now perform accurate underarm serves and some of us have even impressed with overarm serves!

Tennis Training Update

Thanks to the arrival of warm weather, we have been able to put our forehand and backhand shots to the test on our very own tennis courts!  We now have the correct grip needed to hit powerful shots which makes playing tennis very exciting!

HAPPY EASTER everyone! Hope you have an EGGcellent break! frown

The Iron Man


We are proud to have finally completed our English working wall for this half term! It displays lots of incredible writing which is packed with ambitious vocabulary and creative ideas.

Red Nose Day

Marvellous Musicians!


Miss Liggins, who leads music in our school, helped us to learn to play the glockenspiel to the R&B version of Benjamin Britten's, There was a Monkey.

Tennis Training

Training to play tennis is really enjoyable and our coach is already impressed with our progress on the court! Unfortunately, due to a typical British springtime downpour, we had to play indoors this week but we still managed to master our forehand, backhand and bowling techniques.

Brain Break!

Benjamin Britten


Here we are warming up for our performance of one of Benjamin Britten's songs, There was a Monkey... frown

Golden Time!


Some of us celebrating our brilliant behaviour choices...

Staying Safe


To extend our PSHE learning about feeling and keeping safe, we had a visit from two Police Community Support Officers.

Levers and Linkages.


In Design and Technology we have been looking closely at mechanical systems which use levers and linkages and creating our own. This involved a whole lot of patience, skill and teamwork!

Magic Magnets!


Exploring magnets was so much fun! Using a magnet and a range of different items, we discovered that magnets produce a force that attracts some materials. We then separated the items that were magnetic and non-magnetic, drawing conclusions about the materials.

Introducing The Iron Man


We have been exploring the actions, thoughts and feelings of the characters in the story of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes through drama.

World Book Day


Here we are dressed up for World Book Day. We loved the theme of 'Silly Stuff and Nonsense' and the new books we got treated to.

Revolting Rhymes!


Book Week is in full swing in 3W! Here we are practising and performing Roald Dahl's, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf poem from his 'Revolting Rhymes' collection. We are working towards writing our own version of the poem using rhyming couplets.

Brilliant Bland!


What a terrific Tuesday we had with our guest poet, Ian Bland! We experienced poetry on another level and even wrote and performed our very own Kennings. His assembly and workshop were fun-packed and fabulous! We would like to thank Mrs Billam for organising this inspiring treat. smiley

Staying Safe Online


This half term we are learning about e-safety and in preparation for Safer Internet Day (7th February) we have each designed a poster to teach other children in school how to stay safe online. Below are four examples...

Raksha Bandhan


On Thursday mornings, Miss Fort has been teaching us about Hinduism in RE. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Hindu Festival of Raksha Bandhan and made some fabulous rakhi bracelets. To find out about the significance of these bracelets and more about the festival visit:



Would YOU choose to live near a volcano?


Here we are in English sorting arguments 'for' and 'against' living near to a volcano. Some of us moved onto organising each section in order of priority which required extending our paired discussion to group discussion.

Mad 4 Multiplication!


Even in our Golden Time we choose to compete at times tables because we love showing off how well we have learnt them at home.

Super Scientists!


In Geography we have been learning about volcanoes - how they are formed and what happens when they erupt. In Science we put theory into practice by making our very own erupting volcanoes. The results we thrilling but the same could not be said for the cleaning up that followed!

Fantastic Fossils!

In Art, we made a fossil printing block using art straws. It was tricky business but lots of fun! We felt like we were bringing Mary Anning's pre-historic fossil finds from the time of the dinosaurs to life!


Did you know?

Mary Anning was the greatest fossil hunter and collector EVER! Her finds changed the way the world was understood. To find out more about her legacy visit:




Stig of the Dump


We are proud to present our completed English Working Wall.

We hope you like it smiley

Attend every day and get extra play!

Once again we are the best attending class in the school and can be seen below enjoying our extra play time reward.

Cave Kids!


Here we are recycling materials to make model caves for our Eco Week project, based on the description of Stig's cave in our new class novel, Stig of the Dump.

REMINDERS for the New Year...

Please be aware that your child will be starting swimming lessons every Thursday morning with the first session being on Thursday 12th January 2017. Please ensure your child has appropriate swimming equipment such as a costume, towel, swimming caps etc. Earrings must be taken out before coming into school, bobbles must be used to tie up hair if it will effect their swimming, swimming costumes must not be worn under school uniforms and if your child requires goggles to swim then please discuss this with the office.


PE will continue to be on a Wednesday afternoon so please ensure your child has a full kit every week.

It's Christmas!

May all the children and staff, not only in class 3W but in Padiham Primary School, wish you all the very best for the festive period and 2017.

Disco Dancing!


Check out our moves at the junior Christmas disco...

Party Time!

Years 3 and 4 had a brilliant party day. We're SO excited for Christmas! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

Christmas Crackers!

Here we are all set for Christmas dinner frown

Children In Need


To support Children In Need, we baked and decorated cakes with Miss Fort and Mrs Shaw for The Great Padiham Cake Off in school. We also wore our pyjamas to school and donated money.



We're better when we're dancing!


In PE this half term we are dancing and our first lesson was great fun! Miss White was very impressed with our rhythm and creative moves.

Magic, Monsters and Mystery


Here we are in our spooky fancy dress for Book Week. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Lancashire Giants!


Here we are enjoying a drama workshop, courtesy of Burnley Youth Theatre, based on the story of The Lancashire Giant. This folk tale is about a Lancashire boy who longed to be a little bit bigger and we now understand the thoughts, feelings and motives of the characters in the story having explored them through drama. We thoroughly enjoyed this new experience and Laura was really impressed with our ideas and acting skills.







This week's reading stars...

There's No Place Like Home


Former Mayor and Mayoress of Padiham, Ann and Bob Clark, visited us in school today to educate us on the history of Padiham with a particular focus on our school. Browsing and handling all the historical artefacts and photographs they shared with us was exciting. They also taught us several surprising facts which we couldn't wait to tell our grown-ups!


In addition, we interviewed Bob in preparation for writing a biography about his life as a local hero. Meeting him in person has inspired us to write a masterpiece!

Gymnastics Update


Here we are exploring different ways to travel and balance using apparatus. We are becoming steadier and more creative each week.