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Congratulations to all our reception children for having such a successful year. It has been a pleasure to teach each and every one of them. We have loved watching them grow into confident, happy learners and it has been wonderful to have them for their very first year of school. We wish them all the best for the rest of their school journey. Take a look at our little graduates receiving their certificates. Thank you very much for all your support this year, Miss Tann and Miss Pearson. 

Fun Fun Fun...


What a funtastic day we had on fun day!! We started off as pirates on the bouncy castle, even the teachers had a turn! Then we carried on enjoying ourselves with games outside, even our favourite Duck Duck Goose. In the afternoon we built some sandcastles, dens and climbed on the adventure area. The day was finished off with some wonderful dancing on the field, then ice lollies, juice and biscuits. We all had an amazing time and didn't stop smiling all day. smiley

Reception Cake Sale


We would just like to say a huge thank you to all our parents who came and showed their support. The day could not have gone any better. With your help we were able to raise a whopping £90. The children were so excited to get out the catalogues and start choosing things they would like to buy. Take a look at some of the fantastic photossmiley

We are all going on a...summer holiday! 


Can you believe the end of the year is fast approaching, what an amazing adventure we have had. To fit in with the upcoming holidays, we decided to make our topic...the seaside! The children have thoroughly enjoyed packing their suitcases, trying on their holiday outfits, making delicious ice creams and having picnics. Take a look at all of the fun we have been havingsmiley...and if you're ever in the area....pop in for an ice cream from our delicious ice cream van!

Athletes in the making! 


What a fantastic morning we had for our end of year sports day. A big well done to all of the children for taking part and showing off their amazing talents. Thank you to all of the parents who came and showed their support, you helped us make it a day to remember! Take a look at some of the photos from the daysmiley

Buttering Up!


What an exciting day we had when our visitor from Warburtons came. We learnt all about how bread is made and what goes on at the factory. Some of the children decided they would like to be a lorry driver for the company, others wanted to work with money in the office and a few even wanted to be the big boss! We know all about the importance of having clean hands and making a healthy sandwich to have as part of a healthy diet. Take a look at the fantastic sandwiches we made and all the new fillings we tried cheeky

Receptions Got Talent 


The time has come for our annual Padiham's Got Talent competition and did we have some talent! A big well done to everybody who got on stage and performed something fabulous. Reception entered as the baby sharks. They practised and practised and danced their hearts out and the winner was.......RECEPTION! We have some stars in the making. Take a look at our performance of baby sharkyes

The Baby Sharks

Still image for this video
Padihams Got Talent performance by Reception

Work to BE proud off! 


This week the children were challenged with writing about our school trip to the farm. The children produced such fabulous pieces of writing that they deserved a special treat. What better way to spend our afternoon then relaxing in the sun eating biscuits. The children should be so proud of themselves. Keep it up Receptionsmiley

Our trip to the farm!


It was time for our yearly trip to the farm. This year we decided to visit Thornton Hall Farm. When we arrived Farmer Donna was there to welcome us and give us a tour around the farm. We started the day by feeding the lambs and the goats and stroking the guinea pigs. Farmer Donna then asked us to help her collect the eggs. The children were fabulous at this. Before lunch Farmer Donna let us have a bounce on the jumping pillow. I think this was by far the highlight of everybody's day. To end such a fabulous trip we had a play on the park. What a trip to rememberyes

Winning Streak! 


Well done to Reception for winning the school attendance award again! The children earned themselves extra play time for having the best attendance. What better way to spend our extra play time then monkeying around on the trim trail. Look at how much fun we had! A big thank you to our parents for always ensuring your child is at school and on time. Fingers crossed we win again!smiley

Reception are healthy! 


This week we have been learning all about keeping healthy. We had a big surprise on Monday morning as we received a letter along with a basket of fruit. The letter was from a girl called Handa. She explained that she wanted us to try the fruit and write back to her. The children were very excited about this. Along with our new basket of fruit, the children have been learning the importance of brushing teeth, washing our bodies, exercising, sleeping and eating healthy food. Have a look at some of the children brushing teeth, washing babies, making a healthy school dinner and making healthy smoothies in our new shop. 

Green Fingers

Now that Spring is here and we are spending more time outside we thought we would add some colour outdoors. The fairies will be thrilled with their new fairy garden and we've had great fun learning how to plant flowers.



Cup of tea for you and me!


Thank you to all of our lovely parents and guardians that were able to make our spring stay and play on Friday. What and fabulous day it was making mother's day cards and crafts, drinking tea and playing outside! Take a look at some of the precious moments we managed to capture.We looking forward to having you at the next stay and play!smiley

Classroom pets! 


In Reception we are very lucky as Mr Purtil has kindly bought us caterpillars. The children have a very important task of looking after them. To get a better understanding of our new pets we have learnt all about the life cycle of a caterpillar. Can your child remember the life cycle of a caterpillar? Hopefully in a few weeks we may have some beautiful butterflies! We will keep you updated when our caterpillars turn into butterflies! 

Look who came to visit us!


This week we had a special visit from Padiham's police service. The children were thrilled to have them in class and were very curious about what they do to help us. After a little talk about how important the police are, the children began their police training...take a look at some of Padiham Primary's latest recruitsno

Red Nose Day


What a fabulous day to raise money for an amazing cause. The children were able to add a splash of red to their school day. We had wacky hair, painted faces, red outfits and many many more. Thank you to everyone who made a donation every bit counts. In Reception we spent the day listening to comic relief songs, decorating biscuits to look like red noses, designing our own red noses and having a dancing

Run run as fast as you can! 


Our topic this week has been The Gingerbread Man and what better way to end the week then making our very own gingerbread men. The children helped weigh out the ingredients, stir the mixture, roll out the dough and cut out gingerbread men shapes. Just as we were about to pop them in the oven....some of them tried to escape! Luckily we managed to catch them. The children spent the afternoon enjoying their delicious gingerbread men. An afternoon well spent. Yum yum!smiley

World Book Day! 


How fabulous did all the children look? A big thank you to all of the children (and of course the parents) for going all out and making such an effort. Reading is very important to us at Padiham Primary School and we want children to enjoy it just as much as we do. The day was well spent sharing our favourite stories and reading to one another. If only every day could be World Book Day...

Happy Pancake Day! 


What better way to start the week then with delicious, mouth watering pancakes. To introduce our topic we read the story Mr Wolf's Pancakes to the children. Sadly Mr Wolf doesn't know how to read or write which was the perfect opportunity for the children to help. They helped Mr Wolf write his shopping list and the instructions. Mr Wolf was so thankful he sent the children all of the ingredients and together we used our instructions and made pancakes. They tasted beautiful as one child said. Even Mr Purtill and Mr Dunderdale came to enjoy a pancake with us. Take a look at all the fun we hadsmiley

Who will help me make the bread? 

I will said all of our Reception children! This week we have been reading the story of The Little Red Hen and her adventures on the farm. The Little Red Hen wrote to us asking if we would help her make bread seeing as none of the animals would. We asked the children and I think you can guess what their response was....YES WE WILL HELP! The children eagerly wrote letters back to The Little Red Hen and she kindly sent us some ingredients.smiley

Outdoor aerobics


In Reception we feel it is very important to have regular brain breaks to ensure our children keep motivated and engaged. We are very lucky in Reception to have Miss Chapman, a sports coach, who helps us keep active in fun and exciting ways. Take a look at us taking part in outdoor aerobics. What fun we hadno

What's on the road?


To end our topic on road safety we took the children out of school to complete a tally of what they can see on the roads. After careful observation the children learnt that the roads are very busy as they saw over 20 cars, 3 lorries, 2 buses and 1 motorbike. Take a look at the children at work.  

When Eddie came to visit


To link with our topic of road safety we asked our local lollipop man Eddie to visit us and tell us all about his job and how he keeps us save. The children had lots of questions to ask and enjoyed trying on his uniform. Take a look at Padiham's latest recruitmentssmiley

We are first aid trained! 


Congratulations to all the staff in Reception for completing the Millie's Trust First Aid Training. We are proud to say each staff member at Padiham primary school is now first aid trained. We would like to say a big thank you to Millie's trust for the excellent training you providedno

Stop, Look and Listen! 


This week we are learning all about keeping safe on the roads. We have been learning the 3 golden rules to help us cross a road. 1) Stop at the road. 2) Look both ways. 3) Listen for cars.

We even took the children out to the crossing to help them practice keeping safe. Maybe you have seen us crossing the road in our high vis jackets? The children will all receive a certificate for crossing the road safelysmiley

The Year of the Pig! 


Last week we had a very exciting week learning all about Chinese New Year. We have learnt lots of interesting things such as they celebrate different animals, they use the colours red and gold, their new year lasts for 15 days and they clean their houses to get rid of bad luck. We feel it is very important for the children to really dive into other cultures to understand we should treat people what better way to do this then a party!! We hosted our very own Chinese New Year party. We have dragon dancing, decorations, musical instruments, books, colouring's and FOOD!

What a treat!smiley 


Still image for this video
Performed by Reception children at Padiham Primary School

Stars in the making


To end our superhero topic we decided to take the children on an adventure to Whitegate Nursery to perform the story of Superworm. The children were very brave and confidently performed the story with actions. We had a lovely morning visiting our old key workers at the nursery. We even got to take part in their snack time and enjoyed a carton of milk whilst making new friends. A video will be posted soon of the full performancesmiley

I'll huff and puff and blow your house down...


In Reception we have been looking closely at different materials and their uses. We thought it would be a good idea to investigate 3 different materials; paper, bricks (Lego of course) and ice. The children were put into groups and had to build a house. We then tested the strength of the houses using the big bad WOLF (the hairdryer). The children loved this experiment and as a result could confidently describe the different materials. In the end the WOLF (hairdryer) was no match for the brick house, it was tooooooooo strong! 



Breakfast and books! 


A big thank you to all the parents who came to our breakfast and books stay and play. What a perfect morning it was enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and some yummy toast over our favourite books. The children really enjoyed sharing their favourite stories. It was so lovely to see so many parents dive into a good book with their child. Take a look at some of the parents that got caught reading!smiley

Superheroes to the rescue


In Reception our new topic has been superheroes. The children have completed many challenges, tested their strength and bravery and are now fully fledged superheroes! During the week Evil Pea escaped from the freezer and caused lots of trouble. The children put their superhero skills to the test and managed to capture the Evil Pea. POW. ZAP. BANG! We have been very busy over the week making capes, saving vegetables from Evil Pea, making superhero patterns and writing superhero speech bubbles. Take a look at some of our superheroes in actionsmiley

This is how we spent our day!!!!


Waking up this morning and what did we have...SNOW! What better way to spend our day then playing out in the snow. Suits on and off we went outside to explore. The children loved making snow angels and snow balls. Fingers crossed for more snowno 


Water balloon fun


This week we have been learning all about the season winter, what happens in winter and the changes we might see. We decided to do a fun experiment testing water and the cold. We filled up a water balloon (and tried really hard not to have a water balloon fight) and predicted what we thought would happen to the water if we put the balloon in the freezer. After a day in the freezer, we took the balloon out and guess what....we had a ball of ice. The children explored the ice and noticed that our warms hands were beginning to melt the ice. Take a look at some of our picturessmiley

Wheeling through the week

The children have been racing through this week on two wheels! Every day they have been learning and practising how to ride balance bikes. Avoiding crocodiles, racing and negotiating spaces have all been part of the fun. Check out how great they with look in their helmets and big smiles :)

A fruity fruit salad! 


This week our topic has been healthy eating. Over the week we have been looking at foods that are good for us and foods that are bad for us. In class the children have been painting with fruits, packing healthy lunch boxes, writing healthy shopping lists and even shopping for healthy food which led us to make a fruit salad. The children are now health experts. We cannot wait to eat our fruit salad tomorrow.....lets hope it survives a night in the fridge (and nobody eats it!!)smiley