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Year 1 and 2 Home Learning

Home learning: Week 3

18th - 22nd January

Click on this link for a copy of the timetable above.

English this week is based on the traditional story of Jack and the Beanstalk :)

Jack and the Beanstalk Fairy Tale

Watch the story before you begin the activities for English this week. There is also a book version to share together on the link below.

Here is a copy of the story for you to read with your child.

Maths for week 3 is learning about money:)

Learn about our coins.

Watch the video to learn about the coins we use in our country.

The Money Song

This song will show you our 4 smallest coins and reinforce their value.

Recognising and Counting UK Coins

Watch the video to have a try at adding coins together. Remember you can't count the coins, you have to add the numbers on them together. It can be quite tricky! The video begins with easy one and gets more difficult. Stop it at a point when your child is finding the numbers too big.

This powerpoint will introduce you to the materials Science topic work for this week.

Home Learning

Week 2:   Mon 11th Jan - Fri 15th Jan


Please refer to the timetable below for a guide to what we are learning this week. 

To those who picked up a pack from school with worksheets in -

The sheets will not be in the correct order - they are grouped into English, Maths and Afternoons - so you will need to look at which sheet is linked for that day below and find the same one. There are also some extra worksheets which are not on the plan, so your child can do as extra, keep for another time etc. Ask if unsure smiley

Burnley School Sport have challenged us to take part in their 21 Day Bingo challenge. Take a look at the information on this link. It has ideas to keep the children as active as possible.

Get moving and keep fit at home.

Click on this Powerpoint to see lots of activity links to keep the children active. The children will love them :)

Click on this link to open a copy of this weeks timetable.

Sound Mat & Letter Formation (handwriting) sheet

ENGLISH - Mon 11th Jan - The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Watch the video of the story. Draw a picture - include all the characters. Can you label them?


Sheets and resources for Billy Goats English Home Learning - ALL WEEK - See the timetable for the details of the activity each day


MATHS: 11th Jan - Seasons Song

Watch the seasons song. Cut out the months and stick them in the correct seasons along with the pictures

MATHS MONDAY 11th - Worksheet

ALL afternoon topic worksheets - Mon 11th - Fri 15th

MATHS: Tuesday 12th Jan - Re-watch the video from yesterday and complete the sheet

MATHS: Weds 13th Video - How to Tell the Time

Watch this video and look at the PowerPoint linked below. Complete the o'clock worksheet.

MATHS - Thursday 14th

Thursday Worksheets - Half Past & Quarter Past (Year 2's)

Friday maths worksheets

Links to 


Oxford Owl (Reading Books) - 


Phonics Play (Phonics) -


Phonics Comics (Reading Books) -

Home Learning

Week 1 :     Wed 6th Jan - Fri 8th Jan


Please refer to the timetable below for a guide to what we are learning this week. 


Each day we have an English lesson and a Maths lesson

and also a Topic lesson (science/art/history/geography/music/ICT)

and/or a PE activity, Phonics, Handwriting also. 


The topic lessons in the afternoons on our timetable alternate between subjects each day to ensure a variety of different learning

This week is our annual Eco-Week. We are learning how to save the planet! laugh

Sound Mat & Letter Formation Sheet to help with writing

Click here to open our timetable. You need this to see all the activities for the week

English Wed 6th Jan: Watch the video to learn about recycling.

When you have watched draw a poster to encourage other people to recycle too. You could put your poster by your bin. Use bold writing to make it eye-catching.

Use this sheet for your poster, or recycle and use the inside of a cereal box or the back of an envelope!

Maths Lesson Slides : Wed 6th Jan - Fri 8th Jan

Use this free website to read a book each day. We need to keep up our amazing reading skills :)

English: Thursday 7th January

Why Is Recycling Important for Kids? Reduce, Re-Use Recycle for Kids
Look Around the House for Items Which Can be Recycled
Today you can go on a material hunt around your house. On a sheet, makes columns for items made from metal, plastic and paper/ card. How many objects can you find to add to your list. Which type of recycling do you have most of at your house? What do you think the things you find could be recycled into?

Thursday - Topic: EARTH DAY EVERY DAY by Lisa Bullard and Xiao Xin

Watch the story video linked and write 5 things you can do to help the Earth. Use a piece of paper or print the worksheet which is under the video. You could add little pictures and write what you have drawn in the boxes or on the back of your sheet.

English: Friday 8th Jan - The Adventures of a Cardboard Box

This short film tells the story of a boy who meets and befriends a large cardboard box. He uses it for many things!

Once you have watched the video, think of what you could make a cardboard box into or what you could use it for and write a list of your ideas on a piece of paper or print off the worksheet below the video! For example, an aeroplane with big wings or a table to do my writing on...

Friday 8th - Topic: A Whale's Tale

A whale helps smaller sea creatures who are trapped in plastic waste. On land a young boy seeks support to clear the sea in his area.

Watch the video and use paper or print the worksheet under the video and draw a sea scene of all the different animals you see in the video. See if you can draw the pieces of rubbish too. Can you label them or write them on the back of the sheet.

The weekly PE link will provide challenges and ideas for keeping your child fit and active. Focus on using the Key Stage One ideas. Of course, you can use these ideas more than once if you have time.