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News from 2012-2013

Visit to Farington Waste Recovery Centre

We had a fantastic day out at Farington Waste Recovery Centre as part of our Green Week. Everyone learnt a lot about how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and about the properties of different materials.

Summer term 2013

We have a busy half term coming up.

Local author,Victoria Barry, will be working with the Key Stage 2 children on Wednesday 5th June, designing storyboards based on her book Darkmoor The Darkness Discovered.


The following week is  Green Week. Over the next few weeks, Years 5 and 6 will be finding out about Rainforests.


We will also take part in several workshops with an environmental theme run by Farington Waste Recycling Centre. To finish off the project, we have a visit planned in June to the Education Centre at Farington Waste in Leyland  to find out more about how much rubbish is collected and what we can do to reduce this. This is all provided free of charge.


Our end of year production Cinderella production takes place in July and for Year 6, we finish off a successful year with an end of term trip to the ice skating rink in Blackburn.


The SATS are over and Year 6 had the chance to relax and have a well earned rest after all their hard work. Well done!

Burnley Mechanics Rehearsal and Performance February, 2013

5/6B spent two days at Burnley Mechanics this week. On Wednesday, the class spent the day rehearsing the scenes they had created about Rationing during the Second World War. They also worked with children from Hapton and Worsthorne, who had created their own play scenes on Entertainment during WW2 and the Dig for Victory campaign. The different scenes were then combined to create a story about what life was like at this time.


We had a technical run through with lights, sound and pictures, which was quite long but made the children feel like real actors.


During the day, children from the different schools were encouraged to sit together at lunch and find out something about each other. A few new friendships were formed.

On Friday, the day of the performance, there was a final rehearsal of the play and a few fun warm up activities to build confidence in the children.


The children were really nervous, waiting in the wings for their turn but they all  did a fantastic job. Well done! When the play was over, everyone went into the Auditorium to watch a DVD showcasing some of the activities they had been involved in during the Back to the Future project. 


This DVD will be stored in local libraries and a copy will be kept in school along with the Scrapbook  produced during the Project. There will also be a Mural displayed at Towneley Hall. The children's understanding of what life was like during WW2, based on interviews with people who were children then, looking at all the old stuff from the period, are now memories of the past stored for the future.

January 2013 Performance at Burnley Mechanics

Children have been busy preparing for their performance at Burnley Mechanics in February. Dan, from Burnley Youth Theatre,  has worked with the class for the last few weeks to develop their confidence and acting skills. Everyone has really enjoyed the sessions.


The children have worked in small groups to create scenes from the Second World War, using their own knowledge and understanding about what life was like at this time.

Christmas celebrations

On the 18th December, the KS2 children had a disco. The girls came all dressed up and the boys arrived in their smart clothes. The children danced, posed for photos and dripped with sweat after all the dancing. The DJ played as many of the children's requests as he could. It was great fun.

by Abbie Barford


On the 20th December, our class had a Christmas party. We played games and really enjoyed ourselves. The first game we played was Pass the Parcel and Aiden won a selection box. Connor and Chloe won the dancing competition and each received a medal. When it was wet play, we ate our crisps, chocolate and had a drink. We all had  a really good time.

by Maizi Martin

Celebration Party at Padiham Town Hall

Children from 5/6B took part in a Victory Party to celebrate the successful end to the first part of our Back to the Future Project, funded by the Heritage Society.


Children from both Padiham Primary School and St Leonards spent the afternoon working together as teams on a range of Quizzes, which tested their knowledge of people, dates and events from World War 2. They then had the chance to eat a variety of foods from WW2 as part of a Ration Buffet. These included such delights as chocolate mash, jellies, sandwiches, sweet potato biscuits, vegetable juice and vegetable broth.


The children had a great time and at the end of the day, the team who answered the most questions correctly were given a certificate and a £5 book token. Well done to Josh, Chloe and Aiden who were part of the winning team.  Well done as well to Abbie and Jodi who were part of the winning team in the WW2 Picture Bingo game, who received a box of chocolates.

Back to the Future Mural and Scrapbook

Children had the chance to design and make a picture which will form part of a large mural showcasing the work carried out in the Back to the Future project. This will be displayed in Towneley Hall next year. The children had to come up with ideas around the theme of TRADITIONS and then create a series of pictures to show their ideas.


A group of children also designed and created a series of Memories from their work this term, which will be presented in a Scrapbook and displayed in local libraries.A copy of  this will also be provided for school, showing in words and pictures highlights from the children's experiences of the Back to the Future World War 2 project.


Their work will be displayed alongside that of other schools who took part in this community project.

Back to the Future November 2012

We had another very interesting and informative session on World War 2 as part of our  Back to the Future Project.


Mike, the curator at Towneley Hall Museum, came to talk to the class about life in Padiham during World War 2. He showed us lots of artefacts or "old stuff" as he preferred to call them and the children had a great time trying out the different objects.  We also met Ben, who was a young boy during the war, and he shared lots of his memories with us, explaining what it felt like to be a child during the war.

Monsters, Magic and Mystery Book Week

We had a fun day dressing up as magical and mysterious characters and sharing scary stories.

Trip to the Museum of Lancashire

We had a fantastic day at the Museum of Lancashire and everyone, including the teachers, felt that they had gained a greater knowledge and understanding of what life was like during the Second World War.

Visit to the Archives at Padiham Town Hall

This week, our class visited the Archives to find out what life was like during the Second World War for the people of Padiham. Anne and Bob Clark and Bobby showed the class around the Council Chamber and shared their memories of life in Padiham at that time.


We then had the chance to have a closer look at artefacts from the past, which was really informative and very interesting.

Tea Dance at Padiham Town Hall

This week, 5/6B had the chance to visit Padiham Town Hall and take part in an Intergenerational Tea Dance. This involved learning dances such as the Salsa, the Jive and the Barn Dance and practising the routines with members of the local community. Ed and Margaret were the dance teachers for the day. Everyone had a great time and are keen to do it all again!

Back to the Future World War 2 Project

Alexis, the Project Leader, began our WW2 project with a very interesting and enjoyable introduction to rationing. The children compared the food they eat today with the food that was available during the war years. They had the chance to taste cake made without eggs and very little sugar or butter, tomato juice and chocolate mash! The afternoon's activities were all captured on film!

Week 2 Cooking

As part of the WW2 Project with Alexis and Anita from the Back to the Future Team, our class had the chance to make a variety of WW2 recipes. They had great fun grating, chopping and mixing the ingredients to create Cocoa Cakes, Carrot Cookies and Potato Jane. The children  followed the instructions very carefully and worked fantastically well in their groups.


When the dishes were cooked and the food had been tasted, most of the children decided that they much preferred the foods they eat today!

Visit to the Community Garden

Our class visited the Community Garden  this week with Alexis as part of our topic on WW2. Ed, the chief gardener gave us a tour of the site and explained how every availabe space was used during the war to grow plants and vegetables. We saw old tyres and boots used as plant pots. The children had the chance to prepare the soil for planting using rotted horse manure to fertilise the soil. Finally, each group made a scarecrow using recycled materials, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Roald Dahl Day September 13th, 2012

We all enjoyed celebrating Roald Dahl's birthday yesterday. We researched his life story on his official website, watched clips from some of the animated versions of his stories and wrote a newspaper report based on The Enormous Crocodile. Our favourite part of the day was making Glass Eyeball Cakes to look like Mrs Twit.

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