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News from 2013-2014

New School Year September 2013

Welcome back to school and to your new class, 5W!


I hope you had a fun-packed summer and are returning to school refreshed and ready to embark on an exciting learning journey.


This term will be packed with interesting learning opportunities that involve topics such as Ancient Greece and Earth and Space.


You are expected to take your reading book home every day to read and bring it back into school every morning.


You must also have your PE kit in school every Tuesday.


Every Friday you will take home Literacy and Numeracy homework that you will have up to a week to complete. In addition, you may sometimes receive topic-based tasks to complete at home.


I look forward to an interesting and successful year with you.

Miss White.

Book Week October 2013

We dressed up during Book Week...

Liverpool World Museum Visit

On Wednesday 27th November we had a fantastic time at the Liverpool World Museum where we handled several ancient Greek artefacts and went on an ancient Greece trail. The museum staff were very impressed with the knowledge we shared with them and they taught us lots more. In addition, we went on a journey through Earth and Space in the Planetarium which was fascinating.

Christmas party day

Christmas party day was great fun


Here we are presenting our handmade cookies and gift boxes. We had so much fun tasting biscuits and evaluating them, followed by making our very own chocolate chip cookies and designing and making packaging for them.

Football fun!

This half term we are lucky enough to have a coach from Burnley Football Club teaching us how to play football in PE and challenging those of us who already know how to.

Healthy Eating

On Thursday 13th March a representative from Warburtons ran an afternoon workshop for us, educating us about healthy eating as an extension of our Science topic Keeping Healthy. We had great fun preparing and making healthy sandwiches and tasing different breads baked by Warburtons.

Money Management

On Tuesday 1st April, a teacher and some year nine pupils from Shuttleworth College came to our class to teach us about budgeting. This was the second of three sessions they are leading for us to educate us about money management now and for the future.


We learnt the meaning of lots of 'grown-up' terms such as balanced, surplus and deficit budget and now know the importance of budgeting monthly income for 'needs' over 'wants'. We can now also explain what it means to be in credit or debit. Participating in these workshops is very valuable and enjoyable, and we are thoroughly looking forward to the third and final session.

Forensic Science

On Wednesday 21st May the Forensic Science team from Shuttleworth College enlisted our help to solve a thieving mystery. We had to carry out all sorts of scientific experiments and keep returning to the crime scene to test our evidence. Learning all of the scientific vocabulary was tricky but it was important that we remembered it so we recorded it in our private investigator booklets. It was such a fun afternoon and we were successful in our mission to solve the mystery.

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