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News from 2014-2015


We have been lucky enough to have some caterpillars in Reception. When they came they were tiny! They ate the food in the tub and they grew bigger and bigger. Then after about 10 days they made cocoons and hung at the top of the tub. Then another week or two later they came out of their cocoons and they were butterflies!


We released them in the garden area and watched them fly away! We loved learning and seeing how they changed.



Farm Trip

Reception really enjoyed our trip to the farm last Thursday! We did lots of activities such as feeding the animals, learning about and picking vegetables and going on a woodland walk. We got to feed the cows, sheep, baby goat kids and stroked a chick. We collected eggs too, which we brought back to school with some broccoli and onions and made a quiche out of the ingredients - it was yummy!


We have attached a document called 'What to Expect, When' for you to have a look at. 


In reception, we assess the children based on a document called 'Development Matters' - however some of the language and sentences used can be quite confusing and difficult to understand. The 'What to expect...' document puts these terms into more normal language. 


Many parents have asked where their children are in terms of where they should be at the end of reception and where they are now, so we thought putting this document up for you to see will give you an idea of what your children should be able to do etc. 


Some children are working slightly below expected levels (30-50 months - the brown section - pages 20-25)


Many children are working where they should be for this time of year (40-60 months - the green section - pages 26-28 and 32-33)


By the end of the year, children should be achieving the Early Learning Goals (ELG pages 30-31 and 32-33)


We hope this helps!

Dressing Up Days!!

Well what a busy few weeks we have had!! First we got to dress up as pirates for World Book Day and played pirate games in PE and did lots of pirate activities! Then last Friday we got to come to school straight from bed wearing our PJ's and onesies! We had a very comfy day and even got to have green time in the hall watching a film lying down all comfy and having a well earned rest!! 


Thank you to everybody who brought in money for Comic Relief and enjoy reading your free books from World Book Day!l



People Who Help Us

As well as our wonderful Police Visit we were also lucky enough to get a visit from Eddie our Lollipop Man, and the Fire Brigade who came to tell us all about how they help people! We found out that fire fighters do not just put out fires, but also that they rescue people from cars, floods and even rescue animals who are stuck!


We got to see inside the fire engine and try on some of the special uniform, and we got to try on Eddies lollipop uniform and hold his lollipop. We talked about how to cross the road safely and how important it is to be sensible near the roads.


Thank you very much to all of our visitors, we have learned lots and had lots of fun!!


We also had an early pancake day last week! We read 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes' and wrote a list of ingredients to buy and a method for how to make them, then made real pancakes for us to try! They were very yummy! We even got to put a topping on - and got very messy mouths!! 


Our new spring term topic is PEOPLE WHO HELP US! 


We have been finding out about all the different people who help us and have made a very big list... police officers, doctors, nurses, lollipop people, fire fighters, dentists, vets, post men and ladies, mountain rescuers, lifeguards, teachers and of course parents!


We were very lucky to get a visit from the police officers this week! PC's Becky and Danny came to visit us and tell us all about what police officers do! We learnt that they do lots more than just catching robbers! We were even given the chance to sit in the police car and some of us pressed the siren button - it was very loud!!


Next week we are hoping to get a visit from some more people who help us - but we will keep that a secret for now!!!


Well what a busy time we had at Christmas!! 


We had lots of activities to do in class, such as making calendars, making tree decorations, making Christmas cards, counting baubles on to Christmas trees, wrapping presents, writing cards and playing in our very own Christmas post office!! 


We had a great Christmas Party day where we wore our own party clothes, played games, had a party in class, decorated biscuits and of course met Father Christmas!


We hope you liked your Christmas presents :)

Children in Need

We had lots of fun this Children in Need in Reception! We had a Pudsey colouring competition and we enjoyed watching the teachers' Bake Off and trying some of their yummy cakes!


The theme of Children in Need was 'Be a Hero', so we made our own superhero masks because we were all heros for donating money to this great cause!


A big thank you to everyone who donated money and pennies to make the pudsey face. The school raised over £400 so well done!!

Busy Autumn...!!

Well what a busy time we had before half term!! We had a fantastic book week dressing up day on the last day of term - we had lots of brilliant costumes and the children had a fun filled day - we had colouring competitions, we decorated biscuits and we went in to the hall and did a dance to 'Thriller' - the children were fantastic and did some very scary dancing!!

Reading Meeting!

A big thank you to all the parents who came to our reading meeting today (Thursday 2nd Oct). We were really pleased that so many of you managed to make it and find out a little more about how we teach the children to read and how you can further this learning at home. We hope that you found it informative and that you now feel a little more confident about reading with your child at home. 

The children enjoyed you coming back to the classroom to have a look around and see some of the activities we do in class and join in with some reading activities together.


We hope to have many more 'stay and play' sessions throughout the year so we will keep you informed of this.  


If you were unable to attend and would like any more information, please speak to one of the teachers. 

Miss Pearson and Miss Wilson

Welcome to Reception to our new 2014/15 children!

Welcome to Padiham Primary School to our new children!

We hope you are enjoying your first few days at school, remember next week you are starting your full days in school - we can't wait to get busy playing and learning with you!

This year we have a new teacher in Reception, Miss Wilson, as well as Miss Pearson who are class teachers. We also have Mrs Huyton and Mrs Turner who are our lovely teaching assistants. We are very lucky to also have Mrs Hewerdine who will teach us on Tuesdays and Miss Starkie will be helping on a Friday afternoon - so lots of teachers to help you settle in!

Please keep checking this page to keep up to date with class information and photos of the children playing and working in the classroom.

From all the Reception Staff xx

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