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Phonics is the basis of learning to read and write. It teaches what sounds are made by letters and each sound is represented by one or a few letters.


Phonics is a statutory requirement. We teach it every day at 9:05am so it is really important children are on time for school.



Our phonics lessons follow the Letters and Sounds scheme set out by the government.

Our phonics sessions are fun and stimulating to ensure sounds are embedded.  

From September to December we will be learning phase 2 phonics sounds.

Below you will see all the sounds we will be learning on a sound mat. 

We will also be learning some tricky words. These cannot be sounded out and need to be memorised. They are:

I    the    no   go   to   into

Phase 2 tricky word song

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How can you help at home?


- Hide sounds and tricky words around the home and get your child to find them.  

- Place sounds/tricky words on the stairs and say them as you are going to bed.

- Play bingo with the sounds/letters.

- Choose a sound and ask a child to find you an object that starts with that sound e.g. s for sock.

- Play I-Spy. Say a sound, can your child tell you an object that starts with that sound.

- Put lots of items in a box and call it our treasure box. Ask a child to choose some treasure. Can they tell you what sound it starts with?

- Practice writing the sounds.

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