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Pictures of our learning

Research on 'The Plague Village, Eyam'

A timeline of events leading up to The Great Plague

National Smile Day

Bikeability - Some of us completed our level 2 course.

Children in Need - We completed a Joe Wicks Children in Need PE lesson, Designed our own Pudsey hero and solved Children in Need maths problems.

Science - Making a home-made switch to create a complete circuit.

We had a great start to 2022 yesterday. Firstly, we had a ukulele lesson with Mr Fleming and then we started off our Eco week lessons looking at the garbage patches in the oceans. I am looking forward to the rest of our exciting half term.

Today we looked at how much plastic we had in our packed lunches and made bar charts to display the data. The children were very interested to see how much plastic we use.

On Friday we completed our first teeth and digestion science lesson. We investigated what teeth we use when chewing food and what happens in our mouth when we eat different textured food. The children ate a banana and then a biscuit to test this. Each of the children then used mirrors to look inside their mouth. They looked at the different teeth that they have and discussed what job each type of teeth might have before we looked at it together as a whole class.

Ducklings - our morning in class was fantastic with the ducklings. We all had a cuddle and they even fell asleep on some of us.

Liquids, gases and solids- Today we investigated how a solid turns to a liquid. We completed three short experiments to test - What would melt ice the quickest. Sugar, salt or chilli powder. - How to pick up an ice cube with a piece of string. - How to release an object from an ice block in the quickest possible time.

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