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Welcome to 3W!


It is my absolute pleasure to welcome both children and parents to class 3W smiley I, Miss White, am the class teacher and I am thrilled to be supported by Mrs Shaw. Miss Fort will also be a part of our team, teaching in class on Thursday mornings. On Tuesday mornings, we will have extra help from Mrs Longbottom. The 3W staff have a very exciting year planned and are very much looking forward to completing our team on Monday 5th September when we finally get to meet you all! For updates on our learning and important notices, please check this page regularly. An outline of this half term's curriculum can be found below ('Curriculum Cloud' PDF documents). In the meantime, please take note of the following:

  • Wednesday afternoons - PE kit is essential. Every item must contain child's full name. 
  • Friday afternoons - Spellings, Times Tables, English and Maths homework issued. To be completed by the following Wednesday at the latest, please, to allow time for marking and feedback to child.
  • Every day - Reading book to be taken home and reading record to be signed by adult when child has read some. Please ensure reading book and reading record are brought back every morning.
  • Every day - REMEMBER! You're never fully dressed without a smile frown      

                       (and your name in all items of your school uniform!)

Please do not hesitate to see me before or after school with any queries. 

Curriculum Clouds

For an insight into life in 3W, browse below at the excitement and success of last year...

Sports Day


Sports Day was sunny and successful! Even the parents and teachers raced! Here are just a few photos of some of the races we competed in...

Endangered Animals


Here are some examples of our Science work this week...

Invertebrate Inspectors!


Here we are on an invertebrate hunt. We learnt to answer the questions in a key by looking closely at invertebrates and identified them by their characteristics.

Mrs Shaw introducing herself to our class scarecrow that she made with the children for our garden. His GRUMPY face should do the job!



To introduce our new topic for the final half term of year 3, we visited Blackpool Zoo. What an experience! Here are some of the many photographs taken of our exciting day...



Here we are applying the striking and fielding skills we have mastered in PE to a game of rounders.

The Water Horse


We are proud to share with you our poetry and art work based on Dick King Smith's novel,

The Water Horse.


Amazing Artists


3D pictures based on images by Katsushika Hokusai...

States of Matter


Enjoying science in the sunshine, experimenting with solids, liquids and gases...

Collecting data


Here we are measuring the heights of the children in our class in maths. We collected the information and presented it in a tally chart and histogram. We then asked and answered each other's questions about our findings.

Exploring Ancient Egypt

Here we are using pictures to find out information about life in ancient Egypt...

Incredible Instruments

This week Mr Rigg turned us into master musicians by letting us experiment making sound with his trombone, trumpet and cornet. We found these brass instruments tricky to play but we enjoyed ourselves. Next week we will be focusing on string instruments followed by woodwind the week after.

Welcome back to the Summer Term

This term promises to be the most exciting and successful yet including a sunshine trip to Blackpool Zoo to introduce our final topic of the school year, Hunted.

Happy Easter from 3W!

Easter Orienteering...

Sport Relief


Running a mile to raise money for Sport Relief...

Autism Awareness Week


Mrs Scott, our specialist teacher, devoted her weekly visit this week to educating us about Autism.

The children's impressive responses demonstrated sincere empathy and a clear understanding of the main message that it's okay to be different and we should embrace one another's differences.


Comic Art Masterclass

with Kev F Sutherland


WOW! The only word to describe our afternoon with the talented artist, Kev F Sutherland. Lots of learning and laughter was had as he taught us how to draw and write comic strips whilst managing to draw an individual portrait of each of us! By the end of he session we had compiled our comic strips and produced a creative class comic.

Remarkable Writing


Proudly, we have filled our English working wall with each stage of the writing process which led to us creating our own stories with issues and dilemmas. In celebration of our efforts and talent, we would like to share our display with you...

Green Girl!


3W are once again proud to present Harriet Devlin as a remarkable writer. Beating off competition from several older children, the School Council commended her for designing a poster persuading other children to bring a waste-free lunch to school.

TAG Rugby


Here we are learning how to work as a team to score tries. We are now getting the hang of passing backwards and running forwards...


Happy new year!


Just a quick post to wish you all health, happiness and success in 2016.


Please see the 'Spring Term 1' Curriculum Cloud at the bottom of this page for details of what we will be learning in 3W this half term.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Writer of the Month


Harriet is the first winner of this award which she thoroughly deserves for her outstanding explanation text entitled How to Light a Light Bulb.

Bright Sparks!


Mr Purtill set us a challenge - to design and make an electrical sign for his office door to show when he is busy and when he is available. Here are just a few of our finished products...

Future Film Stars!


In English, we have been reading and performing play scripts. Miss White and Mrs Shaw were very impressed when they discovered how talented we are!

Money, Money, Money!


This week we have been learning how to add and subtract amounts of money. Miss White let us 'go shopping' which required us adding up what each other had spent then working out how much change should be given (NO CALCULATORS ALLOWED!) So watch out this weekend, grown-ups, we're going to show you how to spend your money! surprise

Super Scientists


In Science, we have been experimenting with making electrical circuits to light a bulb. Miss White tricked us by providing us with some equipment that didn't work so we had to investigate to find the fault in our circuit. Each team managed to work together to light their bulb which was really exciting!

Roald Dahl Day


Roald Dahl Day was thoroughly enjoyable and successful. Our class have emptied the school library of Roald Dahl books! laugh Here we are with our friends from 3/4R and 4G looking like we've just stepped out of his stories! Can you identify which? The yellow children represent Dahl's favourite colour and the colour of the paper he always wrote on.

Making Music


Here we are showing off our rhythm to Mr Rigg...

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