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News from 2013-2014

Science - Magnets

We began our Science topic about magnets by finding out about lodestones. In pairs, we had great fun investigating different types of magnets and how they worked. We made some good predictions as to what types of materials were magnetic, although we were surprised to find out that not all metals are attracted to the magnet.

Our Local Area

In our Topic work, we learnt about 'Our Local Area'. We found out about landmarks in Padiham; about our favourite places and things that we felt could be improved. We drew simple plans and maps. We found out whereabouts we are in our country. As we headed to Yorkshire on a school trip, we were even able to plan our route from Padiham to Skipton! We explored maps, plans and even looked at Google Earth.

Autumn Term

We had a very busy term as usual. Along with all our classroom learning, we were lucky enough to go on class trips.



Class 2V  spent a great day at Skipton Castle on October 1st.


We studied maps and Google Earth to find out just where we were going. Lots of children had a sleepless night before Tuesday morning with all the excitement !


The castle guide was full of interesting facts  and was very funny too.


We had great fun exploring and even got put into a pitch black dungeon.


The trip  definitely provided inspiration for our non-fiction writing, and was a very  exciting day.

Model Castles

Look at our fantastic castle models. We turned a cereal box inside out! It was good fun printing the stones on the flat box and making the turrets and flags. Look out for our drawbridges and arrow slits.

'Rent-a Tommy'

We really enjoyed our visit from a World War One soldier. We learnt how to march to a marching song. We found out about life in the trenches. We even got to try on some World War One items !

Class 2V Cinema Trip

On Wednesday 23rd October we were very excited to go to Accrington Vue Cinema. We went to watch 'Monsters University.' It was a good film and we really enjoyed it. All the classes from Year One to Year Six went to watch different films. The children  all wrote film reviews when they came back to school.

There was a film review competition. Well done to Kyle and Bronwin, who were the winners in class 2V.

Science-Pushes and Pulls !

We enjoyed our walk along the Greenway to Station Road Park. We were lucky enough to have a sunny day. We had great fun investigating all the pushes and pulls we used.

Our Tesco Trip

All the children from our school have been invited to visit Tesco to learn about how food travels and is prepared for us. Class 2V really enjoyed learning about the fresh fish. We also learnt a lot in the bakery-Did you know that all Tesco Bread is cooked in a steam oven ?! We were lucky enough to decorate our own pastries and came away with a goodie bag too.


Magic and Mystery Week

We had great fun during 'Magic and Mystery Week'.  We read and listened to lots of exciting stories about witches, trolls and giants. In Literacy, we wrote our own versions of 'Jack and the Beanstalk.'

Best of all was our spooky dress-up day. There were witches, zombies and werewolves all over the school.

Our Targets

Our Targets are the skills we are really concentrating upon this term. Your child will be able to tell you what they are working towards in class. Individual children's targets may differ slightly from each other, but below is a summary of our aims for this term.



Year 2- To distinguish between types of books and talk about the books we read.

          - To use our phonics skills to decode new words.

          - To read with fluency and expression.



Year 2 - To write in sentences, using capital letters and full stops.

           - To use conjunctions in our sentences.

           - To use question and exclamation marks  accurately.



Year 2 - To recognise and write numbers up three digits.

           - To solve  problems using addition and subtraction up to 100 and beyond.


You can help your child at home by discussing characters and plots in their reading book, and by counting in 2s,3s, 4s, 5s and 10s ( e.g. whilst you travel to school.)

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