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                 Welcome to 2V !


Welcome to Class 2V'S Web Page.

We are always busy and have great fun learning together.smiley


   My name is Mrs Breaks and I  am the class teacher in 2V. My  super daily classroom assistant is Mrs Blackman.

We are lucky enough to have regular visits from  Miss Fort  too.


   Parents, if you have any questions or worries, please feel free to see me either before or after school.


Class Information



This takes place on a Thursday. Please make sure that you have all your kit in school, especially if it has been taken home following an after school club.

smileyRemember, you will need a white t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps. These will normally hang in their bag on your coat hook outside our classroom.

cool Please make sure that all your kit is labelled. This makes it so much easier to find if you misplace it.

smiley Please can all earrings be removed before Thursday's P.E. lesson.


Reading Books

   Reading books will be sent home and changed regularly. Some thicker books will take several days to read, but please bring your book to class every day,as we often read in class.

   Please remember that when you finish a book, you need to have your Reading Record signed by an adult. This way, we can let you choose a new one straight away.



Spelling lists will be sent home on Fridays to learn. These words will be tested the following Friday.

DoodleMaths will continue this year, so remember to log on and build up a streak! Send me a message on DoodleMaths to ask me a question, or let me know how you are doing. 

Please remember to complete your written homework and bring it back to earn a sticker.



Autumn Term 2018 - Weekly Newsletters


Don't forget, you can keep up to date with what the children in school have been getting up to by looking out for our Weekly Newsletter.


Also, please check your child's bag regularly for other letters.


Our Aims


We will be learning lots this term, but these targets are areas which you could be working on at home throughout the Autumn. This will help you when we are practising these skills in class.


Reading Targets:

To use our Phonics to help us read new words.

To improve our reading fluency.

To discuss and answer questions about what we have read.


Writing Targets:

To include capital letters and full stops in our sentences.

To choose interesting words for our sentences.

To add conjunctions (joining words) in our sentences. 


 Numeracy Targets:


To understand Place Value(Tens and Units)

To understand Tens and Units and use them to add and subtract.

To know our 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.

To know doubles to double 10.



Year Two Activities


Take a look at some of the exciting activities Year Two  have got involved with in the past. The children all have great fun whilst they are learning.






Nearly finished here, but we completed Mr. Badger by attaching his feet and adding a smart jacket. Our fantastic scarecrows livened up our allotment area for a long time before they dropped to bits!

We're going on a mini-beast hunt...

Our class had great fun searching for mini-beasts. We gently caught some in pots to look at them closely. Under the microscope, on the screen, some really did look like monsters! This really helped us to understand the habitats that different creatures prefer. 

Green Fingers !

   We had fun observing and planting the seeds kindly sent to our class by Innocent Smoothies as part of their 'Sow and Grow' initiative. The peas and spinach began growing quickly, but we had to be more patient with the beans. smiley


Our Wonderful Day at Smithill's Farm

   On the final Thursday of Spring term, we travelled to Bolton to visit Smithill's Farm. We were expecting rain, but very luckily managed a dry day with some sunshine!

         Our day was packed with exciting activities:

-A donkey ride.

-A play on the park.

-Feeding the large animals.

-Feeding and holding the small animals.

-Watching the cows being milked.

-A bouncy tractor ride to the top of the farm.

      We had great fun and learnt a lot at the farm.

Plants we Eat

      We have been learning about how farmers on flat land in England grow lots of crops for people to eat. In Science, we observed lots of food plants closely. We learnt that people eat the leaves, roots and fruits of different plants.

     During the final week of term, we really enjoyed choosing and preparing lots of salad ingredients to plan and make our own delicious salad.  (D.T.) All the salad ingredients had been grown in different places. They smelt and tasted amazing.

      The raw white onion wasn't popular, so Corey was pleased to have a huge portion on his plate! The peppers and tomatoes were class favourites.frown

New Class Members

    We have been baby-sitting a small incubator of eggs in our classroom for two weeks and are now proud to announce that three lovely fluffy chicks have joined us in class. We have all had a chance to give one a very gentle cuddle. Now that they are growing quickly, we have given them an opportunity to stretch their legs. We sat in a big circle to keep them safe and it was fun watching them trying to run and fly.

     Mr Dunderdale is hoping to arrange permanent accommodation for the chickens here at school!  



We All Love World Book Day!

We had a great time on World Book Day. Everyone had interesting costumes on and it was fun spotting the different book characters. We shared favourite stories and brought our storybook teddies to school with us. Prizes were given out in assembly for the best costumes. Winners chose a book and received a little goodie bag too.

Can you guess who we are?

Investigating Toy Vehicles

During Spring Term we will be entering the Burnley Primary Engineering Competition. Now all our vehicles are finished and tested, the fastest  and most robust few Space Buggies (and their designers) will compete against other local schools to find an overall winner.

     We looked at lots of different toy vehicles to compare them. We completed a table to compare them.

     We thought about what we liked about them, what we disliked and about how each vehicle moved.

      Later, we used Mobilo to have a try at building a vehicle with an axle.  We really enjoyed this and are looking forward to building our Space Buggies soon.

Starting Our Space Buggies!

We Are Proud of Our Space Buggies

We  designed and  built vehicles. We  all enjoyed using a hacksaw to saw axles. We  had fun decorating our Space Buggies.  We found ways to solve tricky 'fixing problems' and enjoyed comparing ideas with our friends. Everyone  tested their own vehicle, but enjoyed the 'Race Off' the most to find our Year Two Champions .



Eco Week 

We had an interesting week thinking about how we can look after our local environment and the wider World around us. We realised that a lot goes on at our school to save energy and to look after the nature around our school.

We especially enjoyed going outside to plant 30 saplings, which we will keep an eye on throughout the year.

We have enjoyed learning and performing our Christmas Nativity

Children in Need Day

Friday 13th November


We had a fun day dressed in our pyjamas and especially enjoyed adding our coppers to the giant Pudsey Bear face we built in the hall. Thank you for all your donations, they helped us to raise over £200 in school altogether.smiley

We had a fantastic time at the Cinema on Tuesday 10th October watching Night at the Museum 3 together. We are writing 'Thank you' letters to Accrington Vue Cinema for the Free Showing. We all agreed that it was an excellent film. Thanks to the grown ups for providing the snacks!


Magic and Mystery Week

We really enjoyed sharing spooky stories and writing our own gruesome spells this week. We even did 'Monster Maths!'Take a look at our frightening costumes.

Autumn Term

    We had a really great  first term together. The weather was kind to us, so we  managed lots of outdoor learning during our topic about 'The Place Where I Live'.

     We looked closely at our school to help us draw some detailed pictures. We enjoyed predicting, then hunting for creatures around our school. It was tricky at first using a 'Leaf Key' to identify our trees, but now we are experts and could probably teach some of the grown-ups a thing or two!

          With the mild weather, we managed to get out into Padiham to learn more about our home town.





Roald Dahl Day

   Class 2V were really excited about this! What a surprise to have an umpa lumpa, MikeTV, Matilda and several witches in class. We had great fun reading and learning about 'The Magic Finger' this week. We loved dressing up and we laughed a lot  as we watched 'George's Marvellous Medicine'. What a horrible Grandma George had! Best of all, we designed our own 'Marvellous Medicines.'



Our Walk Through Padiham to the Park


We had a lovely time on our walk along the Greenway  to Station Road Park by the Swimming Pool. We noticed lots of old houses, factories and churches on the way. Lots of the class saw their house, or that of a friend/ relative. We spotted new things too. We saw new houses near the park and a new bike track too. Best of all, it was sunny and we were able to play on the park together.smiley

Look How Our Garden Has Grown !


   As  part of our topic about "The Place Where We Live," we have been predicting and investigating how our School Garden would have changed over the Summer.

   The children had some super ideas, but everyone was shocked by how much everything had grown. Despite very little attention over the Summer, we have a bumper crop of sweetcorn, broccoli, courgettes, peas, broad beans, lettuces, beetroot and tomatoes.

   There are some huge sunflowers and trailing nasturtiums too. We enjoyed exploring and everyone is eager to get planting again.  

   If you have any spare bulbs or seeds of any kind, we would love to get them growing in our polytunnel.

                   Thank you, Mrs Breaks





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