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Welcome to 1/2B's Webpage.


surprise Hello everyone. Thank you for visiting our class webpage.

Welcome to our busy classroom!


My name is Mrs Barford and I am the class teacher in 1/2B, a class with both Year 1 and Year 2 children. Mrs Huyton is our full-time Teaching Assistant in class, and Miss Fort will also be helping us to learn lots of exciting new things this year.


Please keep checking this webpage as I will update it regularly with information and news about what our class are up to each term.smiley

Click on the link to see what we are up to this half term.

Here we are on our first day in Class 1/2B.

We had a busy first day. We spent time getting to know everyone in our class.

What are we aiming for?


We will learn and achieve lots of things this year, but the following targets are a main focus for us this term.

Our Writing Target:

To include a capital letter and full stop in our sentences.

To add conjunctions to our sentences to make them more interesting.

Our Reading Target:

To use our phonics to read new words.

To answer simple questions about what we have read.

Our Numeracy Target:

To understand Tens and Ones and use our skills to add and subtract.

To know our 2, 5 and 10X tables.




Reading books are sent home each day for children to share with their family. When you have looked at the book with your child, feel free to note down a comment for the teacher to read, or if you prefer simply sign the reading record so we know the book is ready for changing. Many children will need to keep a book for several days before they can read it with some confidence. The book should be brought into school each day please, even if your child hasn't read it yet. Homework in 1/2B also includes weekly spellings to learn which will generally be given out on a Friday, and tested the following Friday.



P.E lessons are usually on Wednesdays. Please ensure your child has their kit in school. This is a white t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps in a bag which can be hung on their peg and left in school. Please also check that  your child can remove their ear-rings easily so they do not miss out on these lessons. 


A quick request:

Could parents please check that their child's name is written on every item of clothing. Jumpers, cardigans and coats in particular can be put on and taken off several times each day. Children can get very upset if they cannot identify their own clothing. Thank you for your help.

Look below to see what we got up to last year.....
Our final busy half term.
This half term out topic is Buckets and Spades. We will be discovering all sorts of interesting things about the seaside. In Science we will be investigating materials, and in Computing we are going to make our own computer games. We will continue to develop our Maths and English skills ready for our new classes in September. 

Sports day fun.....Thank you to all our grown ups who cheered us on.

What are we up to in the Summer term?
This term our theme is called 'The Wind in the Willows'. We will find out all about animal habitats, design and make puppets, learn about the famous artist Monet, and many other interesting things. Keep checking our web page to see what we get up to.surprise

Click on the link to see our curriculum plan for the first half of the Summer term.

Our Shooting Star winners for the Summer term are........

We have enjoyed making puppets of the Wind in the Willows characters. Here is Lyla with Mr Toad.

We have designed and made our own puppets. Then we had fun performing short puppet shows for our friends.

In Science we are learning about habitats. We searched for the tiny animals that live in our school grounds.

We ventured out again to see what has started to grow during spring. We noticed lots of new growth around school.

Look how the chicks have grown during the Easter holiday. They have now got proper feathers replacing their baby fluffy ones.

Look how busy we were in the Spring term!

Our Shooting Star winners for the Spring term......

Our theme this half term is 'The Farm Shop'. We will be investigating foods grown on farms, and will visit a farm to see exactly where milk comes from. We are preparing to grow lots of vegetables in our allotment area too. smiley

Click on this link to see our Curriculum plan for the second half of the Spring term.

Our visit to Smithill's farm in Bolton was so much fun. Look at our photos and ask us about our lovely day.....

Ask us about healthy food, and why it is important....we could make you a healthy vegetable salad!

We have new school members! Say hello to our three baby chicks..... we enjoyed giving them a gentle tickle!

Our class really enjoyed decorating boiled eggs for our Easter competition. Well done to Alexander and Lyla who won chocolate eggs for their super work.

We have been planting potatoes, peas, garlic and cabbage in our allotment area.

We have looked at the artwork of Cezanne. We used pastels to create our own still life of fruit.

Can you guess who we were on World Book day?

We have been out and about being Spring detectives. We found some exciting things......

Click on the link to see our curriculum plan for this half term. This term our theme is Explorers.

We are apprentice engineers. We have had a really fun time creating our own space buggies for our toys. They each include a safety feature to stop our toy falling out. We have worked really well with a partner, and the most successful vehicle will be entered into the Burnley Primary Engineer competition!

We enjoyed a super assembly where Kev F Sutherland showed us how to draw cartoons. He made us all laugh, and his artwork was fantastic!

In music we have been listening to music from films. We have talked about how it makes us feel. We loved making our own music with percussion instruments.

Maths is fun.....

We are learning all about Explorers. Here we are in our space rocket.

We have enjoyed learning about caring for the environment during Eco-Week. We made useful pencil pots from junk materials.

Our very busy half term up to Christmas.

Everyone in our class is a little star! Here are our weekly Shooting Star certificate winners for the Autumn term........

Click on the link below to see our curriculum for the half term up to Christmas....

Festive fun at Padiham Primary....and a special visitor too!

We have enjoyed learning and performing our Christmas play- The Little Red Robin.

During our Literacy work on letters we wrote to Mr Purtill to ask if we could plant spring bulbs outside school. He wrote back and said this was a good idea. We managed to find an hour when the rain eventually stopped, and planted over 100 daffodil bulbs.

Pyjama Day for Children in Need 2015:

We all had a fun time at the cinema when we took part in the INTO FILM week. Year 2 enjoyed 'A Night at the Museum 3', whilst Year 1's giggled away at 'Shaun the Sheep The Movie'. We will write thank you letters to the cinema for letting us take part.

We had fun taking part in a Samba session.

In Maths we have been learning how to measure with standard and non-standard measurements. Using a tape measure was really good fun.

Football fun

We kicked off the new half term with Sam, our new football coach from Burnley Leisure. He will be working with us until Christmas.

What were we up to in September and October?

Look below to find out.......

Our Autumn first half term curriculum 2015

Book day was fun. We love dressing up....

Did you know we are nature detectives? We explored around school identifying trees by the shapes of their leaves and their fruit.

We are super attenders

We have been the schools top attenders for 3 weeks this half term! We got the cup, the bear and 5 minutes extra playtime. Well done everyone!

Exploring round Padiham was fun!

 Our topic this term is 'The Place Where I Live'. Our class have been out and about around school and in Padiham exploring. We walked from school, along the Greenway, to the Station Road park. We noticed lots of interesting things about Padiham on our journey. It was a beautiful day, and we were so well behaved all the teachers were very proud of us.smiley

Our P.E focus this term is gymnastics. We are super at balancing and moving on different body parts.

We have been outside drawing our environment. We looked for different shapes.

We loved dressing up for Roald Dahl day. Can you guess who we are?

We have been playing games to learn to play nicely and take turns.

We have been reading 'Peace at Last' by Jill Murphy. We laughed a lot when we created our own bear shows.

We have been exploring in the school grounds......

Here we are on our first day back at school....