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It is my pleasure to welcome both the parents and children to 4C. I am Miss Cross, the class teacher and I am lucky enough to be supported by the fantastic Miss Rawcliffe and Mr Mayers. We also have the privilege of being supported by Miss Starkie who will be teaching on a Monday afternoon and Miss Spencer who will be teaching on a Thursday morning. I hope you are all as excited as us for an excellent year.

We have many engaging lessons and activities planned for you throughout the year and we hope that you work hard to achieve the very best. Our lessons are planned through an engaging topic based approach, these are changed every half term. Please see the ‘curriculum cloud pdf’ tab for more information about our topics.

To keep up to date with our learning please check back here at our class page regularly.

I look forward to seeing you bright and early every morning and remember one of our class values, ‘we will come to school wearing a smile.’ A simple smile could cheer up somebody’s day.


Monday afternoon – On Monday afternoon we will have our PE lesson. Please ensure that your child has a full PE kit including pumps, a white t-shirt and black shorts (please clearly label all items of clothing with your child’s name.) Please ensure that no jewellery is worn for PE and is removed before school.

Homework – Homework and spellings will be given out every Friday. This must be completed and returned by the following Wednesday at the latest to allow marking and feedback to be given to your child.

Reading – Reading books will be taken home every day, reading records must be signed by an adult alongside an accompanying comment. Please encourage your child to read as much as possible, as the impact this has on their school work is hugely beneficial.

'The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.' - Dr Seuss.


Useful links for additional online learning support:

Please encourage your children to access their personal Read Theory and Times Tables Rockstars accounts at home. <- Useful links to a range of topics


If you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me – Miss Cross.

The whole class voted and choose Declan as our class representative for the school council. Declan will be our voice for things we think will be good for the school.

Each morning 4C is helped by a year six prefect. Our class prefect this year is Sara from 5/6B

Curriculum Clouds


This week we have started our, ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ topic. During our English lessons we have started to look at our focus story, ‘The Lancashire Giant’ the lessons have involved ordering the story in chronological order and retelling the story through a drama workshop. The children imitated some of  the gestures of the character, (Johnny) being sad because he wanted to be taller, being amazed as he grew taller, and having a welcoming home party when he was the tallest person in Lancashire. The pictures below are just a small snippet of our workshop.




Continuing our, 'There's No Place Like Home,' topic we have been learning about the history of Padiham Primary School. We have discussed what we thought life might have been like to have gone to school in the old building and have compared our school to the old school. This week we have dug deep into the archives and found pictures of the old building. The children really enjoyed looking at pictures of the inside of the school and spotting teachers that still work at our school now. 

We also found pictures of our school being built and we were very excited to learn that a time capsule had been buried under the school. Next week we are going to discuss what we think is in the capsule.


Today we came to school in odd socks for friendship week. We discussed the hashtag #chooserespect we spoke about who we respect, how we show respect, how we respect ourselves and how we can overcome situations if people struggle to show us respect. 

The children have studied the local area during geography. Today we went for a walk to Padiham and looked at our town. Next week we will discuss what we saw, what we liked and any positive changes that we think we could change to the town. 

This week is Black History Week. 4C are studying Mary Seacole. We will look at why she is important to Britain and what she is most remembered for.  We will be doing a number of tasks so make sure you check back later this week to see what we have been doing :)

Look at what we did for Black History Week........we watched a video about the life of Mary Seacole, we then played board games to remember the facts we had learnt about her. Finally, we drew a portrait of Mary Seacole. We think they look great, what do you think?


Today was magic, monsters and mystery day. The children all came into school dressed as lots of spooky characters. We have looked at the poem, '10 Things in a Wizards Pocket' this week. Today we practiced this and was able to recite it from memory along with actions for the items in the wizards pocket. 



Still image for this video

This half term, our focus for lessons is 'Healthy Humans'. Today, the children have started a young designers task for the supermarket Tesco. The task has many elements over a number of weeks. The focus of the project is to make a soup of our own and evaluate it. Our task for today was to test two shop bought soups and evaluate it. The children had to evaluate the taste, smell, texture and look. Check back to see how our project goes over the next few weeks :)




This morning 3/4R and 4C went to St Leonard's Church to commemorate 100 years since WW1. Some of the children recited poems that we have written in class infront of the congregation. We were joined by four other schools from Padiham. The children walked to Memorial park once the service had finished to plant over 200 poppies. We had a fantastic morning. ​​​​​​

This week we have started to make some clay fruit that will be part of a fruit basket project. We will glaze the fruit and add them into a fruit basket once we have made them next week. Make sure you check back to look at the finished product. We think our fruit is fabulous so far. 


Last week we had a, 'back to front' day to raise money for children in need. Everybody made a fantastic effort and there was some extremely wacky back to front children around the school. We also collected 1 pence and 2 pence pieces and created a copper Pudsey bear. It was a great day and as a whole school we managed to raise a huge £300.51 - FANTASTIC!


As part of our design and technology topic, we have made a homemade tomato soup by following a simple recipe. We included fresh tomatoes that were grown by us and Mrs Rowson in our school allotment. We each took it in turn to chop some of the vegetables. Once the soup was made we all had a taste, some of us thought it was yummy and some of us did not like it very much. We made great chefs! 

Look who has come to stay in 4C to check if we are being good. He has been up to a little bit of mischief already. He has pinched some of our advent chocolate and has taken all our handmade baubles off the Christmas tree. Check back to see if he causes anymore trouble. 

To finish our perimeter work we had a fun practical lesson. We used Numicon to create rectilinear shapes. We calculated the perimeter and were given challenges. The best bit was that we got to draw on the tables sad. To quote the children they said, 'This was the best maths lesson ever!'

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year from all in 4C!


This week is ECO week. Our focus is Marine issues and how plastic is affecting marine life. We will be reusing plastic to make something purposeful out of plastic that we would normally have recycled. We made some wonderful creations including phone charger holders from shower gel bottles, pencil pots, a dolls house, a piggy bank and bird feeders. 

As part of our Rock and Roll topic we have been learning about volcanoes. We have looked at the structure of the earth, how volcanoes are formed, where some of the world's volcanoes are located and how volcanoes erupt. We even watched a real life volcanic eruption, we also couldn't quite believe it, but it's true. Look at the photos below. 


To welcome us back after the half term break we have had a busy week of poetry. We have looked at the work of Ian Bland and have written poems in his style. It has been great because they have been really fun to write! We also had an amazing visit of Ian Bland himself and we attended a work shop with him. We created puzzle poems during the work shop. See if you can figure out what the object is from a puzzle poem written by two children from 4C:


I have buttons and a glass door. 

I will cook and you can eat more.

I can make almost anything.

When I am ready I will ding.

I can even warm up your pie. 



Written by Jandon (Jacob and Brandon)


Don't forget it is nonsense day next week (7th March) for book week. Come to school dressed as silly as you like. Check back soon to see a class photo of our outfits.


This morning we have looked at rhyming poems. 4C took a little twist on this and created some rhyming raps about food. Take a look at one of the poems we performed below we hope you like it. 

4C food rap.

Still image for this video

During book week we rehearsed and performed a poem written by Brian Moses. See if you can guess what the title of the poem is by listening to our performance. We hope you enjoy it. 

Performance poetry

Still image for this video



4C wish you a very happy Easter, we hope you have had a cracking holiday. We worked very hard before the holidays but we also had lots of fun. We spent one of our mornings making our Easter egg creations (the class got super messy!!). We also had an Easter egg hunt to end the week. Some of the chocolate was hidden very well by the Easter bunny and we had to work very hard to find it. It was lots of fun though. 

Now its time to spend our last term together, we have so much hard work to go but lets make it the best term yet before we head into year 5.

See our messy classroom below: 

Here are some pictures of us all very busy making our Easter Egg competition entries. 


This half term we have begun to write our own play scripts about a Roman Boy and his adventures to deliver some important information to another Army camp. We have looked at the different characteristics and how they would be acted out on stage. We completed a drama session and acted out a scene from Goldilocks and The Three Bears. The children had some fantastic role play skills. See if you can guess who played who in the pictures below. 





This week we have written instructions to create a paper Celtic round house, which we have studied during our History lessons. On Monday, we followed a set of instructions and made our own Celtic roundhouses, on Tuesday, we looked at all the features that make a great set of instructions and on Wednesday, we wrote our own instructions, 'How to make a Celtic roundhouse.' See some pictures below of us creating our roundhouse on Monday. Some of us found the roof a tricky construction and they turned out to look like party hats. See if you can spot this in our pictures.  

What an achievement!!! I am so proud of you Kian.

Kian has worked extremely hard and has been the first child at our school to achieve over 1,000,000 coins, keep up the good work.

4C have been working hard to practice their multiplications. Please make sure you complete the, 'Sound check,' challenge as many times a week as you can. 

Today we started our new topic, 'How Does Your Garden Grow.' Over the next half term we will be learning about different flowering habitats, how to sketch flowers and best of all we will be visiting Blackpool Zoo to look at the flower gardens. Make sure you check back to look at the pictures from our trip.

In our English lesson today we learnt why weeds reproduce, we discovered that even pretty buttercups are weeds. We tested out the old tale of placing the buttercup under your chin to see if you liked butter trick. Some of us had never done this before but we really enjoyed it. 

What a fantastic day we had at Blackpool Zoo. We enjoyed it from start to finish, we explored the gardens and managed to see all of the animals. Some of us even took photos throughout the day. Have a look at our day below. 

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