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 Welcome to Class 2V's Web Page smiley 


Hello , my name is  Mrs Breaks  and I am the lucky class teacher of the children in Class 2V.smiley We have a fantastic full-time teaching assistant in our class called Mrs Blackman .  We also have the support of Miss Fort on Tuesday afternoons.smiley

If you have any questions or worries about school, please come and speak to one of us before or after the school day.








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 w/b Monday 6th April, 2020

Hello class 2V.  

A big well done to all those of you who have been continuing to work online, in your workbook and on worksheets at home.smiley I am keeping an eye out to see who is really trying  hard on TTRockstars, Numbots or DoodleMaths. Remember, there are all sorts of fun activities on PurpleMash. Think back a while, you even know how to build your own online games!  You could  also enjoy reading a good story on Oxford Owls.         

Have a look at some of the celebrities who are doing fun lessons on T.V. (I have added a link to all the times on this webpage). Morning P.E. with Joe Wicks will keep you fitlaugh I have enjoyed story time with David Walliams.yes There are also links on our class page to many farms, zoos and museums for you to explore.

You can use Google to link to more and more interesting places in the U.K. My family have been watching the different animals at Chester Zoo this week.heart Try to have some fun over Easter, be good and help out at home when you can :).

Mrs Blackman and myself are missing you all.Hoping that you and your family stay safe.

Mrs Breaks and Mrs Blackman. x


We Can Go Exploring!

As Class 1P, Class 1/2 B and Class 2V have been sadly unable to take our farm trip, here are many super links to take you on Virtual Trips Around the World!smiley 

The Macaroni Kid website includes a great link to different types of farms too:

Farm Tours with FarmFood360 

There are 11 different farms to explore, from a dairy farm to an Apple Orchard.

You could write about what you find out and draw pictures in your book.:) 

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Some Activities to Complete Whilst we are Learning at Home 

Tuesday 2nd April - International Children's Book Day

 I know that Class 2V love stories.smiley Enjoy your own books ,or  you will find that You Tube has many popular books online!

You could choose your favourite book and have a go at some of the activities I have added below...

 Whether you choose a familiar story,( Like those from Apple Tree Farm) or something new- have a read!

You could print them off to keep  with your activity booklet. 

Time to Shape Up!

Here are some 2D (flat shape) worksheets and 3D (solid shape) work sheets for you to have a go at . Remember, there are lots of 2D and 3D objects for you to find at home, which you can borrow to help count features like corners and sides. smiley

Activities for over the Easter break


I have added a document of Easter Activities which you can print off and complete and play the games, do the colourings etc.

There is also a good website with Easter links to RE and craft activities.


I have also attached a document from the Lancashire English team which has activities based on a story with lots of links to online documents. There will be one of these released each week after the break, so keep checking back on this page weekly! 

The Easter Story

Some Easter Maths. . .

Some Easter English. . .

Some Easter R.E Activities. . . 

Easter-Traditions and Customs-Topmarks.

In the event of ongoing self-isolation/closure 


Our new class email is

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have, ask for more work or

simply send me any photos of what you have been up to or the work you have done!



Within the workbook  and worksheet pack your child will have at home are an endless source of activities .  There are sheets within the workbook, with links to many useful websites for English, Maths and Science in particular.

Please  look at the list of websites the children are familiar with below...

Children have been given their login details for the above websites inside their purple exercise books. 


The websites below are all super websites - many of which are offering FREE subscriptions for at least a month.

We use this regularly in school and all the children are really familiar with the games. Try any games (Phase 3, 4 or 5). You may need to create an account but lots of games are free.

You may need to create an account but this site has lots of READING BOOKS similar to those we have in school. Reading is THE MAIN area of learning we recommend for our children - it is so important! Try and read a book as regularly as possible!
Another amazing site with a HUGE amount of activities, stories, games, worksheets for all subjects - English, Maths, Science, Geography, History... everything!

This is a new website which we haven't used before but is offering free log ins for children. Their log ins are in the purple exercise books. 

Log ins are the children's first names and password 'pig'. - Maths/English - Active - Handwriting/Letter Formation - Maths - Science - Maths/English - really good! - Maths - all subjects


Fun Time Indoors


​​​​​​ is a fantastic website for Year Two children. It has been LOVED by previous class members.smiley There are lots of dance and mindfulness activities to enjoy. Some are just for fun, whilst others are linked to areas of the curriculum.

Class 2V have always used the free elements of this website as a treat after SATs in previous years. If you explore, you will find songs, raps or routines which will quickly become your favourites.yes It will be fun to do this together when we are back at school.

Milk Bottle Elephants


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Do you remember the milk bottle elephant, sitting in our classroom? Whilst you are at home, with an adult's help with cutting the plastic, you could make your own Elmer the Elephant at home.smiley Instead of using tissue paper, you could cut up old magazine pictures into squares,to decorate his patchwork body. It would be lovely to see your finished creations.heart Mrs Breaks


Celebrity Classes for Children Online

Colouring Sheets to Thank the NHS

Here is a chance to colour a beautiful thank you picture, which you could stick in your window to make people smile.smiley It is a chance to say thank you to all the hardworking hospital staff at this difficult time for them.heart You could be even more creative and design your very own Thank you poster.

Animal Art

Here are lots of simple ideas for drawing animals. There are loads here, so you could try a new one each day for quite a while!laugh

All ready for Mother's Day!

Super Salads !


We were very excited to try out different salad ingredients.smiley

It was hard to decide on which salad ingredients to include in our own side salad recipe. It was fun preparing our side salad, but we most enjoyed eating it all up!yes

We loved performing our Christmas play 'A Midwife Crisis'. Thank you for coming to watch us.

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Happy Friends in Class
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We had great fun enjoying 'The Twits' and finding out all about Roald Dahl and his fantastic characters. We enjoyed dressing up on Roald Dahl's birthday.

Thank you for all your donations for the Roald Dahl Foundation.smiley

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Fruity Fun !


In our Science lessons, we have been enjoying investigating things.

This week we were busy investigating if the biggest apples always have the most seeds.smiley

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Useful Class Information
  • Children will be taking a Spelling homework sheet every Friday. The words on the sheet will be checked in a Spelling Test the following Friday. Don't feel that you need to get the homework in quickly, you can keep it until the day of the next Spelling Test, so that the completed sheet can be used for practising at home.
  • Reading books are sent home daily. If your child has a thicker book, feel free to read a few pages each day, rather than rushing it. Just add a note of where they are up to, so that we can follow on from the same point when we read in class. To develop their independence, children are given time each morning to change their own book if they have finished it.
  • Doodle Maths and Numbots are available online so that the children can boost their understanding of Number-They have so much fun, they don't even notice they are learning new Maths and improving the skills they have! Children will be reminded of their passwords in class if they need help.
  • Our PE lesson is on a Thursday afternoon. Children need to have black shorts, a white t shirt and black pumps for this part of the curriculum. These items will be sent home every half term for a wash. If your child wears earrings, please remove these each Thursday.  

Our Topic This Half Term:

Click on this link to see an outline of what we will be learning about in the next few  weeks.smiley