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News from 2014-2015

Welcome to class 1L's website. 2014-15

Welcome back to all our of pupils in class 1L. 


Parents please note that PE is still on Wednesdays. Children will need a PE kit in school with their name on all the kit.


Reading books need to be brought to school every day. They will be changed as often as possible. Please make sure that you sign the reading record card once the book has been read at home.


Please keep looking at our website for more information about what's coming up and what we have been doing in class.

Outdoor learning

Now the sun is shining a bit more we have taken some of our activities outside. Here we are using skittles to work out answers to subtraction calculations.

June 2015 Maths investigations

Here we are busily playing maths games and carrying out investigations on numbers up to 100. We played a target game and a line up game.


We have made some very nice ice lollies out of mixtures of blackcurrant and orange. We have been learning about solids and liquids and the ice lollies showed how liquid changed to a solid.

Science investigations May 2015

Here we are busy investigating gases as part of our Solids, Liquids and Gases topic. We have looked at the differences between solids, liquids and gases. In this investigation we found out that gases will stay inside a sealed container, that they are often invisible and that they will escape if the seal is broken.


We all got a bit wet when the gas from the balloon escaped!!

Fantasy Stories March 2015

We have been reading fantasy stories in our literacy work. We know all about pirates, giants, mermaids, aliens and dragons.


Here we are playng in the fantasy castle!

Book Week All About Pirates!!

We have really enjoyed reading and writing stories about pirates. We have even played at being pirates in out class pirate ship!

February 2015 Music time

Here we are having a really good time in our music lessons. We are using instruments to make compositions about growing plants.

February2015 Baking jam tarts!

We have been writing instructions in our literacy work. We made some jam tarts then wrote the instructions.

February 2015 Growing Grassheads

Our grass heads have grown long grass hair! Remember to water them now at home and put them in the light.

All about capacity. January 2015

Here we are doing a maths investigation on capacity. We chose a container, predicted how many objects would fit in it then tested to see if we were right.


We used beads, cubes, letters, coins, counters, bugs and even dinosaurs!!

January 2015 Science Investigations

This half term we are learning all about plants in our science work. We have started our learning by looking at different seeds. Here we are looking with magnifying glasses at the seeds of lots of different fruits.

Eco Week 5th January 2015

We have been busy learning how to look after our planet. Our work was based on a letter from Rosy the oak tree who was going to be cut down! We learned why trees are so important. We wrote letters from the animals who live with Rosy to say why they needed her. We made posters to save her.




We made old socks into puppets and old books into place mats!

Snowmen cakes

Here we are busy making snowmen cakes. We will be writing instructions for them in our literacy lessons.


Getting Ready for Christmas December 2014

We are very busy in class getting ready for Christmas. We have put up our class Christmas tree and created a North Pole Sorting Office to play in! We have looked at Christmas tree poems, created bar graphs for the number of candy canes we could count and have even made Christmas tree biscuits.


Our Science work on light. November 2014

This half term we are learning all about light in our science work. We are learning about different sources of light, sorting natural and man made light and looking at reflections of light. Here we are in our dark tent looking at glow sticks, experimenting with light sources and making light and dark pictures.

Shapes All Around Us October 2014

We are learning all about 2d and 3d shapes in our numeracy work at the moment. We have been on a shape hunt in school and have created 2d shape pictures. What shapes can you see?

Smithills Farm October 2014

We all had a super time on our visit to the farm. We rode donkeys and tractors, fed the animals and saw the cows being milked. We enjoyed playing on the park in the sunshine and jumping on the bouncy castle. Have a look at our photos.

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