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The classroom

Our classroom


We have a wonderful creative space in our Early years setting. Our indoor classroom is made up of a range of areas which the children can access throughout the day, this is called continuous provision. 


Our aim in EYFS is to inspire, motivate and encourage young children through enhanced provision within each area of the classroom. 

Our reading garden

In reception we love to snuggle up with our favourite books and a cuddly teddy. Depending on our topic for the week, we change our reading books accordingly. Our staff love to sit alongside the children and read them their favourite story.

Literacy area

Our literacy area is never without cards, paper, fancy pens (especially gel pens), crayons and felt tips!

Here you will find lots of phonics based games to help embed the skills children have acquired in their daily phonics lessons. We provide children with ample opportunities to read and write.

Writing area

Every day our writing area will be set up with a challenge which all children will be encouraged to complete. Writing is integral to every area within our classroom but this specific area allows us to focus on key skills the child need to become flourishing writers. 

Maths area

Play is a effective vehicle for developing mathematical concepts. Our maths area has a range of resources and activities that enable the children to explore, investigate and discover early maths skills.

We provide children with opportunities to explore maths in a way that makes sense to them as individuals. 

Role play area

Our role-play area is one of our favourite areas within the classroom. This area is changed depending on the topic we are teaching. Early language is vital in the early years which is why we ensure the children have plenty of opportunities to engage in real life experiences. 


Some of our favourite role play areas have been Santa's workshop, a post office, a superheroes headquarters a pirate ship and a space station! 

Creative area

Creativity is the key to early years! We love observing the children in this area, watching their creative nature take over. 

This area is always well stocked up with bits and pieces the children can use to create a masterpiece. As well as this, our painting easel is always accessible to the children. 

Finger gym

This is our finger gym area which focuses on the children's fine motor skills. This is the ability to handle tools such as pencils and scissors effectively.

Each week this area will have a specific challenge which encourages your child to practice their fine motor skills. As we progress through the year, these challenges become more difficult and therefore allow your child to develop good pencil and scissor control. 

Small world area

We are very lucky in Reception to have not just one but two small world areas within our indoor classroom.

Every week our small world areas are changed according to our topic for that week. Our small world areas are brilliant for children to develop language skills. This sort of play allows your child to explore new materials, act of scenarios from real life, practice social skills and gain a better understanding of the world around them. 

Construction area

Construction play is proven to make a difference to the way children think and complete tasks. Children all have different ways of learning. Using construction play helps make education fun and engaging, no matter what stage of learning you are at. 

We provide children with lots of open ended activities through construction which allows them to think independently, develop their creativity and problem solve. 

ICT area

In reception we are lucky enough to have a range of technology within our classroom which allows the children to gain a better understanding of the technological world we now live in. We have 4 computers, 2 interactive whiteboards, programmable beebots and caterpillars. 

We teach the children how to operate basic ICT equipment and help them to recognise that technology is used in a range of places. 

Malleable area

Here is our malleable area. This area allows the children to work on their fine motor skills by moulding play dough and cutting. The children have access to a range of play dough tools such as rolling pins, shape cutters, stencils and even cake tins. We encourage our children to become imaginative learners in everything they do. Have you ever had a play dough cupcake before....they are delicious!


Talk board

Language is very important in Reception and we aim to create a language rich environment. 

This is our talking board which models correct language to the children. The children can't believe the board talks to them, they think it is magic. The children just simply press a button and the board will talk to them about that particular picture. 

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