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KS1 Craft club

Week 5 - We made butterflies!

Week 4 - We made flowers!

Week 3


This week we made our very own minibeast friends!

The children had to choose their favourite minibeast and choose the right colour to wrap around the toilet tube to make a body. The children had to carefully think about what their minibeast would need...legs, eyes, arms and antennas using the materials available.

Week 2

This week we made rainbows!

The children had to put their cutting skills to the test and cut coloured paper to make a collage. We carefully arranged the coloured paper to make the colours of the rainbow. We then added cotton wool to create the effect of a cloud.

Week 1


What a lovely start to our craft club. This week we made our very own umbrella to keep us dry during the rainy days. The children started by drawing around a template and then independently cut it out and began decorating their umbrella. We then drizzled glue on our creation to give the effect of rain.

Take a look at some of our marvellous  creationssmiley

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